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They look gorgeous! Fantastic work
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Absolutely agree with everyone. Those are stunning, underhoe!
I really like the streamlined and minimalist look of your work, especially those first 3 and last 3 rings.
You are so loved.
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Beautiful designs here!
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Some of these are particularly lovely.

Not a lot of designs that I would personally wear, but still very nice craftsmanship.
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Gosh, this is so beautiful!
I love all of them.
You are very talented!
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I never expected such overwhelming amount of responses! I am extremely happy you guys like them, thank you so much!

All the brass workpieces you see were actual tasks for my school, with their provided material. Unfortunately I had to hand in every single piece and I am unable to claim them even if I'm willing to pay for the cost of the material, which is literally nothing, considering it is brass and not precious metal.
Those pieces will eventually be destroyed so the material can be re-used and all the hours I spent on them were practically useless. I can remake them, of course, but it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

After my exams (only one week from now, yuck) I will be free from the grasp of the education system so I can finally set out to make my mark...
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Fantastic work! Your passion shows in the jewelry!
Hope you will keep posting your work in the future from time to time.

Sucks that uou can't keep your work. Would be a valuable piece of memory in the future..
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