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Talking Golden Mask PS1 Project

Fellow member Gh0stBlade and I are proud to announce that we are working on conversion tools to port the PC exclusive Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask levels to the PlayStation. Since Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business for the PlayStation is being developed in parallel we felt that it's about time we revealed one of our biggest projects yet which has been on the todo list since the success of Unfinished Business.

We always knew that we wanted to port Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask but there were some issues in the PlayStation format which could make it much more difficult to convert. This is why there are things that people should know about the project and its expected outcome. The PlayStation is quite a limited system compared to the PC. Most importantly, Tomb Raider II was a big leap from Tomb Raider and several areas of the format had to be optimized specifically for the PlayStation to reduce the risk of RAM limit breaches. Because the Gold games were built specificially for PC, there are going to have to be changes made to ensure that all levels run smoothly on the PlayStation. This means that it's not going to be the exact same as the PC levels. Certain things may be lowered in quality or removed which could include:

1. Sound effects that may be reduced in number;
2. Textures that may look relatively low quality;
3. Certain objects that will have to be be removed.

It's a process where we have to prioritize the most important things to keep it as much like the original levels as possible. Nonetheless, there's a good chance the differences will not be recognised. We'll certainly do our best to keep it that way.

Update log:

Current status
We're questioning the feasibility and don't know whether we are able to continue or not. There is an engine limitation causing problems with the misaligned Y counterpart of the vertex in some cases. In practice this means that affected rooms will appear incorrectly. This problem is completely out of our hands. The only solution would be to split certain rooms where this is ocurring and we lack the tools and time to do this. There are also other issues that have slowed down progress overall. These include texture mipmapping and an overflow of certain objects causing levels to crash (the latter being similar to the Unfinished Business situation). Fortunately these still have a lot of potential to be fixed and/or compromised. Some footage of the latest build can be seen here:

14/11/12 - 13/6/13:
Vertex format conversion methods were being discussed and on multiple times the conversions failed. However, it was eventually solved on 13/6/13.

14/6/13 - 15/6/13:
The core conversion elements were implemented into the tool including sound effects/vert lighting and everything else apart from textures. This was fairly easy since the code for the previous Tomb Raider converter was used and edited. Only half the converter was done and a new issue was discovered which was causing issues in the room mesh.

16/6/13 - 22/6/13:
We decided to port it to the late September beta version as the issue didn't seem to be present there. It was a success, however, there were issues in the slots so we couldn't use the beta version for it to be ported to and we were forced to fix the issue in the final game.

22/6/13 - 23/6/13:
The issue was fixed in the room index list which caused alignment issues and severe graphical issues in levels. Then the rest of the conversion code was added to the Tomb Raider II converter.

23/6/13 - 25/6/13:
TOMBPSX.DAT -> XML was started on these few days and was then cancelled.

25/6/13 - 26/6/13:
A range of converted levels were tested. There were black screens during non-interactive cinematics and it was fixed the following day.

26/6/13 - 27/6/13:
Cinematic frames were fixed and cutscenes now work. The new scripter tool began today.

28/6/13 - 1/7/13:
Title screen and legal screen were worked on and converted correctly. Scripter tool was also partially finished and all load screens and the script were compiled into one ISO.

1/7/13 - 2/7/13:
Texture co-ordinates were implemented and fixed. LEVEL3.TR2 was converted to be used on the PlayStation with limited sound effects and objects removed to fix the crash.

7/7/13 - 9/7/13:
Item sprites were partially fixed and the textures co-ordinates were drastically improved.

9/7/13 - 10/7/13:
Triangular textures seem to be fixed completely.

11/7/13 - 13/7/13:
- Tool code heavily optimized to improve performance;
- TR1 and TR2 tool merged into 1 tool;
- Tool UI partially updated but still not final;
- Water palette found and is now added during conversions to fix the colour issue in the water;
- Temporary external texture code added;
- Nightmare in Vegas now loads correctly again.

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Link removed. I appreciate why, but the rule applies to everyone.
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Suikaze Raider
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Good luck with this project! It's a amazing job

Working in TR1 & TR2 Translations.
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OMG!I can't wait for Golden Mask PS1 Port.
Good luck Gh0stBlade!
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Good Luck Cant wait for it
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Good luck working on the project.
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Tomb Raider
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Highly looking forward to this, could never get the gold levels to run properly on my pc.
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Greatest TR
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Spent countless hours on it I assume. Well done !

So Square Enix are happy to accept the idea from you to release the unofficial TR 2 Gold port for PS1 Or this is another issue is still going on ?

I guess PC fanboys can't argue anymore about bonus levels .
Rest in Peace - rr_carroll

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Good Luck
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Hi folks, here's how the levels look once converted with the current tool:


The Cold War:

Fool's Gold:

Furnace Of The Gods:


Link removed. I appreciate why, but the rule applies to everyone.
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