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Of course it boils down to a matter of opinion, but I think the majority of players loved this game for the reasons that michaeldt listed.

I wrote up a mini review back in 2013 when I beat the game. Pulling a few lines from there -

The Living Quarters was thrilling to explore in a very haunting way. [...] These levels tell a story of their own, y'know? And without the aid of a single cutscene. I was in such awe. [...] As much as I enjoyed [TR2013], none of the island had the same sense of thrill and wonder as the Maria Doria.
I typically hate underwater levels in TR, but the Maria Doria section of TR2 proves to me that it's just a matter of design. There's a unique feeling that comes from exploration in TR, right? It's part excitement, part frustration, part awe, and part terror. The Maria Doria levels, for me, encapsulate that experience perfectly. I love the whole game, but that section alone really made such an impression on me. It's not something that I've really felt while playing any other game. For me, that's a big part of what makes TR2 so special.
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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
Most people tend to love it due to nostalgia.

It used to be very high on my list as well, but after replaying it a few times it lost it's wow-factor. The introduction is amazingly fun. Traps everywhere! Then the Venice levels introduce a warm and soothing environment despite having to kill human enemies everywhere. After that.. it changes completely. Things get darker starting at the opera house, which is quite an 'ehh' level to me. While most praise it as iconic.

Offshore rig is fun again but as soon as the underwater levels begin, so does the drag. The music is like brainwashing your ears, the mood is dark and unpleasant. I know that this is the point and that they tried to create it that way to make it atmospheric, but it's just too long. There are too many forced health losses, too many block puzzles, boring secrets, backtracking, enemies and all around weird level design. The biggest problem is that it's so long. The Snowy levels are fun again because you're finally in the open again but then they lure you again into a darker environment. Which worked miles better here than it did earlier. The monastery is arguably the best level in the game, along with temple of Xian. The ending is amazing. Everything China was executed in an almost perfect manner. But the midgame is just... I don't know. There is definitely something wrong with it.
I agree with a lot of this. Even for me, I used to love TR2 and have it near or at the top of my list... but, it was more nostalgia than anything else. Beyond that, Iím not the biggest fan of the Maria Doria section and (though this has been said numerous times) thereís too much combat.
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Originally Posted by michaeldt View Post
Everything about this post sums up why I love TR2 so much. People say the middle section (Offshore Rig - The Deck) drudges on, but I find this section exceptional. Maria Doria is one of my favorite levels

The only level I truly dislike is Opera House.
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For me TR2 just had the whole package..

Music was awesome, locations were varied and exciting to visit (except maybe Rig)
TR3 was a close 2nd in that regard...

4 and 5 sadly cut down on the globe trotting, and I suppose for good reason - Lara was quickly running out of locations to visit hehe
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Iíll be honest, it mostly comes down to nostalgia and the memories linked to it (being my very first TR game and whatnot). The other classics, except for chronicles, are so much better replaying them now. TR2 has some highlights that I consider to be among the best this saga has to offer though, like The Deck, Barkhang Monastery, Temple of Xian and Opera House.

Itís a solid game, but plenty of people usually rank it very high on their list of favourite TR games due to nostalgia (at least from what Iíve seen over the years).
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TR2 is still my favourite TR game and I will tell you why.

When TR1 was launched it was groundbreaking, with third person shooter perspective, ie, instead of just a pair of hands and guns being shown which we were used to, suddenly we had a character in front of us, ie, Lara Croft. It was brilliant, though the visuals were rather low pixel quality, the best that could be achieved at that time.

TR2 though was a massive step forward, with fantastic visuals, a fantastic story, and not just about tombs but instead the story travelled the World, and had entirely different levels to explore. It was totally immersive and atmospheric with the looks, the music, just everything was right about it

My favourite level of my favourite game is the Floating Islands, just due to the surreal layout of a mystical realm and that background music atmosphere and those flying baddies. It just gave me goose bumps on my arms the first time i played, and just love playing it.

Yep, TR2 is for me, though I can see why others have their own favourite TR game
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It was my first TR game but that's not the reason it's my fav TR game.

Like others have said, it has everything. I always loved it and preferred to replay it over the other games (though I replayed them too).

My most to least loved classic TR games are:

- TR2
- TR3
- TR1
- TR4&5
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