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I enjoy the experience and pacing so much that right after the credits roll I can start a new game again.
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Evil Doggos
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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
Classics: TR5 (full game) = TR1 (for a few levels)

LAU: Anniversary (full game) = Legend (for a few levels)

Reboot: TR2013 (full game) = Rise (for a few levels)
You don't find Shadow replayable? The tombs are really fun.
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Tomb Raidering
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Originally Posted by Evil Doggos View Post
You don't find Shadow replayable? The tombs are really fun.
Not having Chapter Replay really makes me doubt replaying the game. I replayed it for 2 times (and occasionly played the DLCs on their release time), but I don’t think that NG+ and Challenge Tombs being replayable is a factor for me.

I had the save opportunity in the Classics which helped my replay my fav levels (or there was the level skip cheat ), and most of Crystal’s games had chapter replay. So there’s that...
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Classics: TR2
LAU: Legend
Reboot: All of them. I replayed Shadow the most this year though because it was the freshest adventure, although the worst, and cause of the monthly DLCs which were better than the main game.
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Probably Legend, I'd say. It's a relatively short and simple game, but it works in its favour since there's tons of fluff with all the collectibles, proper chapter replay and the speedrun challenge (forgot what it was called). The game allows you to replay parts of it or from beginning to end without getting boring or overwhelming. They hit a delicate sweet spot with Legend's replayability.
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Legend. It basically plays itself.
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For me with work & home life it's difficult to get time to ones self to play most of the games on console anymore.

I'm mostly left to playing the classics that were remastered for mobile (TR1 & 2) at least it includes both expansion packs for some varied content.

Currently replaying TR3 through an fpse emulator & it's enjoyable getting back into it, classics are always replayable but id give a shout out to Legend & anniversary for some great replayability.

To answer your question it would have to be the original games especially TR1 & 2
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I'd say TR1, 2 and 5...

TR1 has nice-sized levels and on PS1 the save crystals give an eternal sense of danger.
TR2 has addictive combat.
TR5 is unique I guess.
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I always find myself starting up TR1 when I'm bored out of my mind. I just keep playing the game without saving until I die.
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TRL. You can easily beat the games seven times in 8 total hours!
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