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Default A quick guide to popular mods in TRII

Hi everyone!

This might be useless for you, but I might as well post it. Some people have problems trying to mod Tomb Raider II: Dagger of Xian - Starring Lara Croft so I made a quick YouTube video which showcases those mods in action, as well as installation tutorials in the description, which of course, if you're too lazy, it'll be right here.

Here's the link to the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPb-zQQ7TeQ

Now, I'm simply going to paste the instructions down below, taken from my video.
IMPORTANT REGUARDS: Make sure you back up all of your files first! If any accidents are made, you might have to reinstall the game or corrupt it. Please also make sure to be patient! Some mods large and will take time to download, depending on your internet.

================================================== ====
Mods Featured in the Video:

High Quality Sound FX by noname
Tomb Raider II iOS Texture Mod ripped by Gh0stblade, created by AODFan
Bink Remastered FMVs by Lwmte

================================================== ====
Bink Remastered FMVs.

1. Download the latest Piexoto tool to use the mods, which is provided here:https://autohotkey.com/boards/viewto...p=51737#p51737

2. Make sure you have your Tomb Raider II patched. Use the TR Universal patcher, which you can find with a quick Google search.

3. Place the .bik files into the TRII installation directory. (If you're not sure where this is, right click the TRII shortcut on your desktop and select Open file location.) Otherwise, it should be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Core Design\Tomb Raider II\FMV

If you own the GOG version or Steam, I do not guarantee this will work, as I use an original CD. The installation location might be different.

4. You should have downloaded AHK Injector.zip. Open the file. Now open the AHK Injector folder. Extract ALL FILES to a directory of your choice. (To do this, select all items and press ALT+E)

5. Open Help.exe. This is where you will actually find the games. Click on games at the top left and find Tomb Raider II. Launch the game and be amazed.

================================================== ====

HQ Sound FX

1. Make sure your game is patched with the TR patcher.

2. Extract the MAIN.SFX file to the Data folder in your TRII installation directory. (Already stated a shortcut to this above)
It will ask you to replace the file. Click Yes and play the game as normal

(NOTE: Peixoto's tool is not required.)

================================================== ====

TRII iOS Textures

This one is probably the trickiest, but it's not too complicated.

1. You need to actually run the game through Peixoto's tool before you do anything. As I stated above, run Help.exe. Click games, and find Tomb Raider II or TRII Gold. (Depending on if you have gold, found on the title)

2. Exit the game after launch. Now, head to your TRII installation directory. You should see a new folder was created in it called tomb2fix. Open this folder and then open the next folder, textures. You will find Dumps and replacements. Just check to see if this is there.

3. Extract all files into the "textures" folder in the tomb2fix folder, which again is found in the TRII installation directory.

4. Launch the game through Peixoto's tool. Make sure you press the switch key. (By default, this is set to the End key, and number pad is required unless this key is changed.) If the textures are not replacing, the following might have happened.

- The tool is out of date

- The textures were modified

- The textures are placed in the incorrect location

5. Enjoy your mods.
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Default Tomb Raider 2 Audio FIX HIGH QUALITY

See also http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=217293
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Default dgvoodoo2 - FMVs without deinterlace effect


With this ist possible to Play the Original (RPL files) FMVs without the deinterlace effect. So the black stripes are gone.
You have to put D3DImm and DDraw into the TR2 Folder (where the tr2.exe is). Dgvoodoo-folder wherever you want, start, choose tr2folder and apply. You have to run tr2 Setup again and choose dgvoodoo. When start the game.

However this fixes not the Problem above. Still no solution for the High Resolution FMVs (BIK files).
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Default Links IOS Texture Mod, new FMVs, HQ Sound FX

IOS Texture Mod: http://www.*****************/community...xturesmod.html

New FMVs:

HQ Sound FX:
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Originally Posted by Turok View Post
I've just uploaded an update for this. Now the water footstep sounds are in high quality too.
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Tomb Raider
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Awesome mods, love the high quality audio, the pistols sound much better.
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Awesome mods, love the high quality audio, the pistols sound much better.
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thanks Noname for better audio
I make Game Icons, Check my Profile page for info :D
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Thank you for this guide!
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I'm struggling to get the textures to work. After launching TR2 with the patch tool and closing it I didn't get a tomb2fix folder in my install directory.

I'm running the GOG version of TR2. The patch tool is working because I now have a clear background on the inventory screen.

I tried creating a tomb2fix folder and textures and put the dumps and replacement folders in there but it still didn't work.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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