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Question Stuck Tone Sound Error (PSX on PS2)


I've just started Tomb Raider III on my PS2 (a later model slim, so it uses software emulation for PSX games) and I've noticed that different sounds will get "stuck" and produce tone at approximately their noise level until I pause the game or go to the select menu.

Is this a known bug with PSX emulation on PS2 or is it perhaps something wrong with my disc? It's a greatest hits version with a few scratches and looks like it's been through a polishing machine before. There are no holes shining through.

Metal Gear Solid has been running fine and I didn't notice this problem when I messed around the mansion several months ago.

EDIT: It seems like Lara's voice cues are a pain point for this tone problem. Compared to Tomb Raider I and II it seems like her normal traversal grunts aren't happening and sometimes a loud tone will start where there should have been a grunt.

Thanks ahead for any thoughts or suggestions.


After troubleshooting everything else I came to the conclusion that it was the disc. I bought a new one and I'm hopping away with no sound troubles. Wasn't thinking analog enough.

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