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Lightbulb How do I change damage values of certain enemies and cap Lara's health?

I know for a fact you can change the damage and health of everything that moves in the game including Lara and her arsenal in TREP, but how would I go about doing it in TRNG?
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- Enemy Script command
- Customize= CUST_AMMO Script command
- "Lara (Health)" Flipeffects
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In TRNG the modification of enemy health is covered over a broad range of possibilities.

Firstly you may use the Enemy script command to alter the vitality of an enemy, as well as changing the damage Lara takes from its various attacks.

Syntax works like such:
Enemy=Slot, HP (vitality),  NEF_ flags, TombFlags (TCF_...), EXTRA_ flags, Damage1, Damage2, Damage3
It should go in the Level section, meaning you can have different values for the same enemy over different levels. An example how I'm using this script command like such:

Enemy= 91, 52, -1, -1, -1, 50, 55, -1
Dog slot, vitality is 52, damage taken for its two attacks is 50 and 55 respectively.

Something I have found is that the damage dealt to Lara from each enemy is not easy to guess. I had to experiment to work out which "attack" caused what damage, but in this scenario: Damage1 field ("50") is the dog's biting/mauling animation, and Damage2 field ("55") is the dog's jump and lunge attack.

This damage value does not equate with health points like the ammo does as far as I can tell, and is not universal across slots. For example: baboon slot's Damage1 field I have changed to 127, but it doesn't do double the damage of the dog's attack like you'd expect. It does roughly the same.

(For something neat: a minus value in these fields will recharge Lara's health. Not the intended effect I imagine, but worth remembering for a unique scenario, like a friendly monk restoring Lara, or something...).

In the reference tab in NG Center, you can find a drop down for "Damage enemy list". This tab tells you how much damage the attacks deal by default, but you will still need to play with the values to understand what attack is which (some enemies only have one field though, so it is easy to tell in that case ).

It's also worth mentioning that 52 is a high HP for a dog. I used the Customize= CUST_AMMO command to change the damage dealt by certain ammo.

Damage dealt by one pistol shot is changed to 2, and Lara shoots two at once, so one "shot" in game deals 4 damage. Because the damage is counted in health points (vitality), the dog will die after 13 clear shots, because 52 / 4 = 13.

Shotgun ammo has normally a damage of 3 (I liked this value so I kept it), and Lara shoots six "shots" at once in game from the shotgun. So the damage dealt is 18. 52 / 18 = 2.8(recurring), so the dog dies after 3 clear shotgun blasts.

(The Customize= CUST_WEAPON command changes instead things like how far Lara can aim with that gun, and doesn't change the damage dealt).

There exist also a few Flipeffects under the drop down in NGLE, under: Lara. (Health). Additionally, there are two Action triggers that effect enemies health: Enemy. Hurt. and Enemy. Kill.

There also exists a patch in FLEP (Damage customiser), if you aren't aware of it, in order to change the Damage of other things related to enemies, like the beetle and the magic of demigods, etc.

Happy experimenting

EDIT: Pfft, this post has taken a long time to write, and AkyV has already beaten me to the punch.

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