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I am DYING to play classic remasters. Can't wait for these masterpieces (this one and the other one by Nicobass)
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That's impressive. Looking forward to seeing for updates.
I'll be waiting, no matter how long it will take!
"I'm sorry, I only play for sport."
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does anyone know if this is still being worked on? just curious if there's still hope
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Hey guys.
I'm still working on and off on it (Been hard to make time as I've been working full-time for the last 3 years).
Also currently dealing with a loss in the family and with the company closing down after lockdown losses, this is a welcome distraction to start on again. Especially since Unity has been receiving loads of lovely updates last time I checked.

A lot of it is going to receive a good overhaul as methods from 3 years ago are a tad outdated, and I can't wait to delve into things like real-time raytracing and all that.

Been playing a lot of custom levels in my spare time to come into grips with TR again and so far I'm finding love for it again.
Tread carefully.
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