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Default Director's/Extended Cuts that massively improved a film?

It's a fairly common practice in Hollywood: a film gets gutted of content and made "cinema-friendly" for its theatrical release, then has an Unrated/R-rated Director's Cut or Extended Edition that adds all the "good stuff" back in.

The thing is, though, these so-called Unrated/R-Rated Director's/Extended Cuts usually don't add anything substantial, amounting only to a couple extra minutes with a little more blood and/or a few more violent shots added (back) in (Terminator: Salvation's DC, for example, only adding 3 extra minutes with the Moon Bloodgood semi-nude scene and a scene with Marcus stabbing some guy in the shoulder with a screwdriver).

However, there have been some that actually went out of their way to give us a better film. What are some Director's Cuts that massively improved a film?

A couple that spring to mind off the top of my head:
  • DareDevil: Director's Cut-The 30 minutes of extra footage fixes a lot of the theatrical cut's issues. The fights are better and grittier (a facet of the character/franchise) and have real impact, the story is structured better (the Matt/Elektra love story is now secondary to the main story with a lot of the romantic cheese removed, certain scenes transition better, too), the added Coolio/hooker subplot patches a lot of holes from the TC while adding a lot more depth to Matt and his legal team as well as Kingpin. It makes for a darker, grittier, and much more complete and better film. And remember: this was all stuff that had to be cut to avoid an R rating, barely.

    It's a shame because Fox's drive to go commercial ruined what otherwise could've been a solid film (Mark Steven Johnson's original pitch was supposed to be even darker and less campy than the 2004 DC). It's not as good as the Netflix iteration, but it's a marked improvement over the TC in every way. The playground scene is still full of cringe, though, there's no fixing that.

  • Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition-An extra hour of footage per film makes an already epic movie trilogy even better (Return of the King is the biggest beneficiary of the added content of the 3 films). I don't think this needs much of a descriptor.

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I love the theatrical cut of Batman v Superman, but the extended edition is better in every way.
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Avatar also benefits from extra scenes, particularly the ones between Grace and Jake. I'm not 100% on it making the film better overall since Cameron prefaces the extended edition by saying his cut was what was put in theaters - no one tells him what to cut from his films at this point, but some story points are better accentuated and a few bits of the backstory get more embellishment.

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Lord of the Rings Extended Edition. PJ and Co. added to what was already a phenomenal trilogy. Made it incredible!
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Sucker Punch : Extended Cut only to have more but of action and a splendid cabaret scene.
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Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

The director's cut actually makes the characters and their decisions make sense instead of... well not making sense. The theatrical cut was completely ruined by omitting vital setup.
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