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View Poll Results: Who do you want to develop the next TR game?
Crystal Dynamics 48 18.68%
Eidos Montreal 75 29.18%
New developer 134 52.14%
Voters: 257. You may not vote on this poll

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tlr online
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Question Who do you want to develop the next TR game?

Poll requested by NoahCrofRaider.
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CD for the main campaign.
EM for optional tombs and crypts.
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Tomb Raider
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I would like a combined effort - as I liked what EM brought to the table in Shadow. However, if it had to be one or the other, CD as they offer a more polished and impressive effort from a technical standpoint.
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Alex Fly
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A new developer.
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Yuna´s Wish
Tomb Raider
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If I had to choose between Crystal and EM, I'd go with EM. But I'm interested in seeing someone new in charge next time.
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Evan C.
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A new developer. Naughty Dog would be a dream come true.
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What other western studios does Square own?
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Relic Hunter
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I'm willing to see what Crystal could do after their experience on Avengers.
I'm willing to see what Eidos Montréal could create on their own and only.
I'm not against a new but reputed studio to take the franchise.

To sum up, I'm open to everything.
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New developer please *cough CORE cough cough Naughty Dog cough*
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Relic Hunter
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Honestly a new dev at this point.

Crystal are clearly tired of making the TR games.. and it shows

I'd love a return to a more classic formula - or even some remakes like every other game has gotten lately.. they have proven very popular in reviving old characters and taking series back to their roots after so long of ups and downs.

Shadow was an improvement but I'm growing tired of the style..
I hate the bow and honestly would love for the backpack and duals to return.
I'd take another TRA style game with inventory and key items to find etc if I had to. Far more enjoyable and replayable IMO

I'd love for Naughty Dog to at least try and make a TR game - I'm sure they'd stay true to the character and gameplay as much as they could.
They'd definitely kill it in the story/cutscene department.. something Crystal lack IMO

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