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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
I think the orchestral metal idea is interesting. Not my kind of music so I probably wouldn't like it tbh, but I agree it would be extremely distinctive and stand out. Hardly any games have iconic soundtracks anymore.

I love your ideas for the story overall. I think making Lara and Sam lovers and having Lara need to put Sam down would be so tragic it would be an impactful story. Even if they didn't have the balls to make them lesbians and just kept them as friends it's still so much better than the story we got. I always thought they should have bumped Sam off, I guess they didn't want to take the story that dark. Lara picking up Roth's dual pistols is really a no-brainer. I have no idea why CD didn't take that opportunity, it was so blatant it looked like a good moment for her to get them. So many people have said that on here before too, that should have been the moment.

As far as her outfit, just out of interest, why maroon? I think it's interesting actually, it's a nice change to see a video game character not wearing boring neutral colours. I'm rather fond of Shadow Lara's dark blue shirt though, grossly ill-fitting as it is.

Glad you liked these ideas, thanks. XD

I picked maroon because each timeline has their own colour; classic was teal, Jolie was typically most associated with the black outfit in the opening of the first film and L/U is brown. I picked maroon in particular because it goes so well with black, hasn't been done before in any continuity, looks great in itself and I think Lara should have a bit of a gothic/dark-minded edge to her personality.
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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
No-one will agree with the following, but I think TR should have adopted something truly original that wouldn't be a complete departure for its music - orchestral metal. Think Nightwish. Listen to that while you read on. This would retain its orchestral roots, but introduce metal as an original edge which you never see in AAA adventure games. It would add bags of raw style and cement a new attitude. The original theme should most definitely have been adapted.
Actually, something along the lines of Sarah Brightman's Symphony album would have worked really well imo! It's certainly not metal, but the concept was "gothic symphonic rock" or something to that effect.

Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Lara and Sam would be in a lesbian relationship which both their parents don't know about as they're posh and stuck up, but Roth being the cool uncle type knows and is cool with it and on their side. This relationship between Sam and Lara would be a twist revealed about a quarter into the game. It would be an extremely daring aspect to include and would show CD would have had balls of ****ing steel to implement. The stakes of Sam being kidnapped twice would be much higher (especially if both their characters are overhauled so they're actually likeable). There could be a backlash at making Lara a lesbian, but she was also somewhat ambiguous, but I would respect tremendously what a bold move it would be.
You probably already know this, but Rihanna Pratchett said in an interview a while back that she'd originally intended for Lara to be gay, but didn't know if Square would go for it, so she didn't even attempt it and Dumbledored her instead. (No, I'm not bitter.)

Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Let's be real, the logo is as generic as it could possibly ever have been designed. It's as if the designer was specifically told to make it as dull and unidentifiable as possible. It's literally the same as Uncharted's, Just Cause's, The Last of Us', Call of Duty's and probably heaps more. The logo should be a modernised, tweaked, maybe recoloured recreation of the original, most widely used EU logo.
I totally agree about the current logo being unspeakably generic, but "slab serif with a 'tomb'-y pattern fill" isn't exactly groundbreaking either. I think the Underworld-era logo was the best of the series, but assuming they wanted to get away from it to emphasize it was a reboot... I don't know, just anything with personality that didn't look cheap (like the awful US TLR logo).

Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Yes. All of this!
“Death by irony is always painful.”
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