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Default Hi All

Hello everyone, I was lurking on the forum for sometime and decided to create account and join community. I am in my mid 20's, grew up with PS1 and loved Tomb Raider 1. It was very memorable experience for me (the lost valley, atlantis, main theme, croft manor) but surprisingly so, except for TR1, I never played the rest of the series until this year. I started playing TR 2 and kinda jumped back and forth between CD reboot (second one) and Core games with a goal to finish all games and form my opinion. So far beat TR1, TR 2, TR 5, AOD, 2013, Rise so I am not going chronologically for sure. I didnt want to jump straight away from TR2 to TR3 as I know it is notoriously difficult game for veterans (I am saving it for my last Core TR game), I also hesitated to play TR 4 as it is considered complex and hard on puzzles. I am playing it now after AOD and Chronicles and loving it, although just finished Karnak section and I heard the game drags too much but so far loving egypt setting and puzzles (Senet board game was cool). 2013 and Rise I just beat because they are so short and easy to go through and I wanted a little break from Core games. So thats a little bit about me, as for deciding factor in joining forum ? I would have to say that it is due to community fondness of classic Lara puzzle/exploration challenging gameplay that I also really dig.

Once again, Hello everyone
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tlr online
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Welcome aboard.
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Hello Pucci, welcome!
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Welcome aboard
"I'm not who you think I am" - Lara Croft
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Cat Woman
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Welcome. Hope u enjoy it here.
Pharaoh´s Tomb
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I saw in the corner of my eye from the main forum page

Hi All
By Cat Woman

and my mind immediately thought it said "Hate All Woman"... and I was like WOOW.

Hi, welcome to the forum
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