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Default List of assets to be included in the next game

@Mod Make this a sticky, and other wishlist/assets can be added to the list, so it doesn't get lost and archived.
  1. A braid, with the same hair physics and individual strands
  2. Dual pistols/or at least a variety of different weapons to use other than the classic boring ass 4 bow/rifle/shotgun/single pistol.
  3. No Survival Instincts
  4. NO Base Camp.
  5. A backpack on Lara
  6. An Inventory, preferably a Ring style UI, but any works
  7. No skill points
  8. Weapon upgrades can still, but have a new approach for something new to bring to the table.
  9. A new voice actress, one with a native British tongue like child Lara in Shadow.
  10. Nicely balance combat & exploration.
  11. Better outfits, and outfits not confined to SJW status. Show some legs, where some shorts.
  12. Variety of legends, and more worldly exploration (not tied down to one main location like Peru/Russia, etc. Like to see Egypt themed TR new)
  13. Croft Manor, selective through the Main Menu for exploration as it always been.
  14. Vehicles, I want to see vehicles again! Preferably the motorcycle, yes. The one in Legend and Kazakhstan was phenomenal. I'd love to see how reboot Lara would look operating it.
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We already have two relevant threads, please continue there: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=221966

Or: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...221945&page=11
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