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Default List of Hot Archeology Course since 2017

Do you want to be like Lara Croft as a badass and tough adventurer Archeologist but lack of money and time?

Now, here is a chance. You can follow this link below to browse through the courses that you would like to take

Currently, I am doing Master of Astronomy. However, because of Lara's influence under Shadow TR, I sparked a new interest in Archeology too (may not just in AstroArcheology anymore). I will try to focus on more Astronomy in Ancient History. Especially in MesoAmerica, where Shadow TR takes place!

I did one course of AstroArcheology from Cousrea, which is very fun and interesting!

I know there are some forum members are college or university students who may also be studying Ancient History, Anthropology, or Archeology.


another good read about becoming an Archeologist


Studying: Ancient Astronomy (aka ArcheoAstronomy) and Ancient History

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