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I am really worried this won't get funded.

TRS reached £50K in 5 days, and this Kickstarter has yet to reach it.

And, the TRS funding goal was not so high as this.

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I hope the team is working hard on their own to get sponsors, though. At this point the main thing is to get as much sponsors as possible. People are increasing their pledges which is great, but we backers can't do everything alone if more people doesn't join. The most part of the budget that remains should be assumed by sponsors or the bar will not go up.
Also shout out to the indecisive fans who are still waiting to pledge, not sure what for, and those protesting that the website doesn't accept PayPal (I read some comments out there about this). KS is a very safe and serious website so there's no risk in pledging here. C'mon! We can still do this. 10 days left!
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Only TR lover
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I still think positive and hope it will happen although I can't help to doubt from time to time. I've shared the links to all pages I could think of (some of them didn't even respond. )... I've pledged 90£ which is as high I could do at the moment considering my paycheck and other expenses, but I might pledge more in a week. asked my family to pledge as well and they did
I just hope this happens you never know with people, especially TR fans. Generally, people are really loud when you need to dislike something, and share negativity, but when it comes to stuff like this...
I got sad when I realized how many people have left the forums since 2002. :/

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Alex Fly
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It will be challenging but not completely impossible either. Let's try to remain positive for now.

Of course several factors would help making things easier (some already suggested):

- Finding more sponsors (I wish I knew how to help with this).
- More backers of course. Example: If we were 2000 backers near the end of the Kickstarter it would lower the average pledge by backer to £90 which would make the goal more reachable. The average pledge by backer is currently higher than this, meaning we are undoubtedly not numerous but we tend to pledge more overall.
- A better support from the official Tomb Raider account would be nice because it's not really convincing so far. No entry on the official blog yet for example.
- Seeing the project becoming one of the Kickstarter's favorites. This would help significantly and add more visibility to it.
- Having an external company adding the remaining funds at the end of the Kickstarter. I don't think SE/CD or whatever could help seeing they can't even promote it correctly despite allowing it but a classical music label or another company like this could do it maybe.

Unfortunately if this Kickstarter isn't successful I don't see a second Kickstarter doing any better. I would rely more on a music label. The Tomb Raider franchise is renowned so I hope it would interest one of them.

Hopefully we'll be nicely surprised during these 10 remaining days and see that Kickstarter being fully supported by a lot of new fans who would have joined it.
Personally I refuse to loose hope and I'm still confident we can make it. Be sure to keep supporting it on all your social accounts and channels. And if you haven't pledged yet, join us. Even if you are completely poor, be aware that every pledge counts. The most important is that you are here and show your support to Peter and the team behind Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony.

We can do it!
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I upped my pledge a bit, that's seriously all I can without becoming financially irrensponsible (well, even this feels a bit... precarious).

If there are any livestreamers here, check this thread: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=221705
Not much time left, but hopefully there's time to organize a 24 hour livestream, anything that could help a bit!
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Tomb Raider
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I've gotta say, I feel this project is seriously over ambitious in what it's aiming to achieve. I don't believe the fans are particularly bothered about which orchestra records the set or which world class performers are booked... that's not what will draw the fans in here.Instead, I feel the fans want a bite of nostalgia, and as has already been explained by members previous, AOD re-recorded with a different orchestra just hasn't got that same bite. I love some of the pledge rewards but personally I just feel you guys have massively priced yourselves out of the average market for fans.

Instead I feel the correct way of doing this would have been to aim to simply re-record the 4-6 music, with a standard orchestra, master the audio in the studio and release to purchase.

That's all the fans really want.

I do however recognise that the team behind this project are an intelligent bunch and I'm pretty sure there must be something else up their sleeve as a backup.
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I guess that it's more about what Peter wants in this case than what the fans want. And I don't mean that to come off as at all negative or judgemental - it's his work and this project is about recording it the way he'd always imagined it to sound in his head which is perfectly legitimate. It does, of course, mean that there's a higher risk of the campaign being unsuccessful compared to if he had settled for a lesser-but-still-better-than-the-synth-originals version but I understand the impulse to always want to strive for the best.
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Relic Hunter
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I have to wonder who he wants to record this with. I wouldn't be surprised if he was gunning for having the LSO given he had them for TRAoD, and they definitely aren't cheap given the music they've recorded in the past.

In all honesty, I'm not expecting the same lightning to strike twice here as it did with the TRS where it suddenly got a massive boost in funding within its final days, pushing it well past its goal. It would be awesome if it did happen (and this time all I can do is spread the word as best I can as I can't pledge anything).
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All the comments questioning Peter and the team he has decided to gather to perform his vision are really disheartening - and please, don't take this personally, anyone of you.

I mean no one questioned Nathan when he made TR Suite and it was also HIS project - for example, he wanted to record in Abbey Road Studios, which are really expensive, and no one questioned him for that. He wasn't thinking in fans either, he was realizing his vision. Plus, according to the most of feedback he has exchanged with the fans, I think at this point everyone can see he doesn't really care that much about the opinion of the fans on him. He's realizing his dream, his vision, as much as Peter is trying to do now.

Wonder why Peter is being questioned and Nathan wasn't. Actually Peter is being more kind, attentive and responding to fans than Nathan was ever. Peter has listened every feedback and adapted and changed pledges and rewards listening to every opinion suggested in his KS page, instead of fighting and bitching people in social media. Peter has cared about producing some particular merch and recovering some unique collector's pieces, instead of just signing posters and selling t-shirts - which is also great.

And I remind, ONCE AGAIN, that Nathan did his concert before, so all the musician arrangements and hirings were done in advance and he had only to record. Peter has not anything of this yet, so it's only natural the goal is higher.

I hate to make this kind of comparisons, but I read all these comments and I feel I have so say this. Peter is being unfairly treated, he doesn't deserve this. Everyone is judging him and the campaign, we all should be angrier at Crystal/Square/TR official media for their lazy and really late promotion of the campaign. I've been texting the official TR blog in Tumblr to promote and they have ignored me so far. I've even texted some TR groups in DeviantArt to share the campaign and all ignored me as much as they ignored the campaign, and I was even rudely treated in one of them, as if it had nothing to do with them and I was just spamming their place.

I'd like people stopping blaming Peter and focus on support the campaign as much as they can in these last days and if this fails, to be honest and fair about who's really to blame about this.
"Neither of you have one squirt of inventive juice in your heads. Wasters!"

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It's kinda funny that people are questioning the decision of rearranging the AOD OST cause it was originally recorded with an orchestra, but no one wondered the same thing about TR1 which had its own remaster in the form of TR Anniversary OST which was pretty good if you ask me.
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