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Default Lara Croft Backpack

Hi guys,
I have a retro one strapped Lara Croft back pack. Just wondering if this might be worth something as its never been used and I can't seem to find it online anywhere. Have images to upload but not sure how to do so, any help is much appreciated.
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Upload them to imgur, it's quite a user friendly site and fast. I'm curious to see the pics

As for the price, I couldn't tell really. I suppose it might be worth something if it's official TR merchandise and being in good condition really helps value.
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TRF also has an inbuilt album feature for uploading pictures. You can find it in the User Control Panel under Group Memberships.

Its better for this site than imgur as imgur often doesn't work on mobile devices. I always have to switch to "Desktop Mode" and reload the page to get them to show up.

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Upload them on Imgur and do a google image reverse search
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