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Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
I think the problem is, any attempt at nuance will most likely fall flat, since the SC games kind of depend on the black-and-white worldview to function, narratively.

It's not that the enemy won't be the enemy, and the country they serve, won't be worth serving - but there will probably be questions asked in that vein, but the game won't dwell on them because they can't get away with that, so their inclusion will be largely pointless in the end.

Kind of like reboot TR with Lara's enduring trauma. It's not "woke," it's just bad writing, but I guess "bad writing" isn't the brainless buzzword people are looking for to politicize something that was totally not political to begin with.

You know, like the Metal Gear or Fallout franchises. These are not political games, they say, and then they rush to apply politicized language to discussions about them. Funny how that works.
I still cant believe people think Metal Gear and Fallout arent "political". But those same people idolize Rick Sánchez and Homelander despite the whole point of those characters is that you shouldnt be like them.
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I never finished the original. It would be interesting to see how this turns out.
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