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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Replaying Rise I didn't realize that scene where Lara is talking to Jacob after escaping Trinity in the Soviet installation, that Lara was talking about what happened to her in 2013. She kept saying she needed answers in Rise and I could never understand what she meant. But when you play 2013 and Rise back to back you realize that a lot of the answers she needs are questions she has from her experience in 2013 on that island.

She learned the supernatural was real in 2013 and it forever changed her. It seems she in fact did carry that trauma from 2013 into Rise after all.

I wish they actually showed Lara's therapy sessions. It would have been a really good wasy to show how traditional therapy could never work for Lara because she could never really talk about the supernatural. Tomb Raiding effectivly became Lara's therapy.
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