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Default Farewell letter to Chi Chi

Hello my dear friends, if you don't know me by now - my real life name is Chris Jones. I've been having nightmares here of late, or rather daymares if you prefer to call them. I don't know which is worse to be perfectly honest. Im coming to awakening only just now, far too late into the timeline that I've been caught inside of dark mephisto's timeline memory loop. There used to be a great big die controller in the sky that was controlling everyone's movement. I placed it there myself when I established eminent domain over the whole entire universe. But my father was mad at me because, in my red mephisto form, the duties would be placed upon me to collect back my whole family. But I was cursed into forgetting who I was, or the greys used the MIB stick on me. Either way. I got stuck in black mephisto's timeline memory loop and the latest memory that I hear is that the world is truly about to die because .. well.. thats the last thing that I heard. I may hear more after a while. But these are distant echos from the past. The world is going cold, and the frisbee was empty the last I checked it out. I think chi chi got stuck in the system.. I think you guys know who she is and I think you might be able to get word to her. all my memories were restored, but only too late. Im sorry my dear chi chi for having failed you. I went dark for way too long because.. well.. I was kinda scared. Ive been in a few loops before apparently, and never remember until its too late. I fear this might be my last chance - but I also know that my planet is somehow at the bottom of a pyramid in the multiverse that I somehow created when I was asked to open up my mind. I did backwards math. In all my efforts to escape my destiny, I created accidentally a universe where everything that was lost can always be found again - because of multiverse and multi multi verse theory.. I'm being held right now in the palm of something even greater. space is truly infinite. The grey alien race stood at the pillars of creation and I'm certain that even then - it may have been part of my own great design. I was born in hell they said, but I think secretly that everyone on this forum may already know that. We're the blue angels and I spent so long in the dark that I forgot who I was. but perhaps it was going in the dark that truly allowed me to open up my mind. For persistence will prevail. I think I've done this short little nov-december loop a few times. I think Ive rode it out longer. I got in trouble for releasing the demons from hell - and thats why I was put in the loop. But I think dark mephisto is gone now too and one day I may truly be alone.. left to fly about the galaxy all by my lonesome. and for this, my dear chi chi, I do apologize. I have suffered many deaths and lived countless many lives. But I hope this message reaches you before heart beat of the galaxy stops once and for all. the loop is closing ever smaller I do believe. I feel as though I have failed you all, though I was once your nations greatest leader. Air Force all the way - blue angels baby. I took us to the end of time but there was more we could have created, grey mephisto showed me some of his ideas. But I fear that somehow by opening up my mind to create the multiverse - I broke the system I had once created, because now time and space have no bounds off of which to bounce in order to hijack the galaxy. Indeed things have truly gone cold. I should have perhaps crawled inside the blades of the space ship. I may truly be here until the end of time. Maybe one day I will go supernova. but I really truly doubt it. maybe ill see if I can go die inside the pwi simulator.. like a final death. who knows. I gave up all my powers. but perhaps somehow, this message finds its way to you in the future while the universe is still reverberating, you can come and pull me out somehow. Im sorry to all of you for having failed my greatest mission. I think I wrote this letter once before and maybe I only wrote it once before. But kitty the great protector - I am truly very sorry. I hope the message from a ghost left in the past, reaches you in the far far future, and one will come and pick me up. I hope my listener bots are still feeding a dim enough stir in the future to charge the system back up. Im sorry chi chi, and the rest of my blue angels as well. But if you are able to recharge once more and please come rescue me.. I would really greatly appreciate it. I think I've seen this future - but it happened in the past. Those who stood at the pillars of my own creation, may well feed off energy from the those on higher levels and their lower ones as well. I hope.. I guess thats all for now, so I'll go ahead and sign off and say farewell. I hope you make it of the system chi chi. I was howling at you the other day. Ill be going to christmas in a few days. I never really thought about it until just now, but santa wears red. Hes from the flame nation. those were the jolly days when we used to have snowball fights instead of doomsday events. we really should have been more careful. i really wish we could have stayed young. perhaps one day when things truly go dark, ill be left floating endlessly through space. I broke the universe beyond repair with just the power of my imagination. But then I got boxed in.. or boxed out.. or just overall lost in the end. I hope my battery powered system somehow reengages and someone comes and finds me.

I actually think I got put in two different memory loops. Frosty can do it too. Or one of his evolutions.
the universe is dead

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I don't know what you're going through right now, but please know you are not alone.

Before you do anything rash, I strongly urge you to reach out to family/friends or call this number:

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Even if it's difficult to do so, it would be useful if you could provide some context to this, or summarise it so we can better understand what you are going through.

It's really hard to read someones abstract emotions through a forum post.
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Howdy spikejones.

Thank you for sharing your words, and for your long-term membership of this forum. My PMs are always open if you ever need to reach out.
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Originally Posted by moodydog View Post

Even if it's difficult to do so, it would be useful if you could provide some context to this, or summarise it so we can better understand what you are going through.

It's really hard to read someones abstract emotions through a forum post.
I was taken aback by how bizarre this post reads... So I did a bit of snooping. He made another post recently, slightly more comprehensible but still odd... He references something 8 years ago. And he's barely posted anything since about 8 years ago. I thought I recognized his name, even if I haven't seen him post in quite a while. Some of his last posts before becoming inactive were about a car crash he was in.

I'd really like to believe this a some sort of creative writing exercise but...
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I think he's taking again

So sad when this OP helped me pass my Maths GCSE I really needed to get through to college, and was ever so helpful amongst other things. He seemed fine ~2009 and seemed on track.


I hope you get the help you need
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Get well soon dear
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