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no enable/disable option for Lara's "beta hair fringes" yet??
~ Castle Kriegler (Part 1) coming soon ~
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No, it won't be added
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Originally Posted by nakamichi680 View Post
Thanks. Here are my comments (if omitted than it can be easily fixed):

34 – The Vault of Trophies
2. End level cutscene – Possible issue caused by 16:9 monitor True. It can be solved by changing the characters positions inside POS file. Tricky but possible

26 – The Strahov Fortress
2. Intro cutscene black area (possibly because of 16:9) No, it is caused by the Hide Camera Cutscene Blinds advanced mod. I don't give any support to possible bugs caused by advanced mods, only standard ones.

25 – The Monstrum Crime Scene
1. Intro cutscene, building has no roof texture. Possibly visible only on 16:9 Same as before.

24 – Von Croy’s Apartment
1. Clipping issue with the door Can't be fixed.

19 – Hall of Seasons
1. This texture looks so out of place, should it really be here? Looks very odd to me I think it's intentional.
2. The pushable wall to get the strength upgrade you require to climb up the dome is missing a back texture Can't be fixed. Moreover you're not supposed to look behind it because to enter the room you need to push it against the wall.

15 – Louvre Storm Drains Zone 2
1. You can see through the bottom part, but can't from the front I could add double sided on the existing half to mitigate the issue but if the other half is missing I can't add it.
2. Back side of these pipes in the tunnels under the oily water at the end of the level are see through Same as before.
3. Same thing as #2 Same as before.

14 – Louvre Storm Drains Zone 1
1. The grid at the top of the area with the last two valves to turn off the water (front) Same as before.
2. Same grid from the other side has no vertical pipes (back side) Same as before.

3 - Industrial Rooftops
1. 16:9 monitor issue I think in the ending cutscene of this level This is caused by a combo of 16:9 aspect ratio and Hide Camera Cutscene Blinds mod. It can't be fixed at the moment but maybe in the future yes.
2. Same as #1 Same as before.
I think the solution to the 16:9 problems is to allow the "blinds removal," but to manually have every cutscene zoomed back in so it matches its original frame intended to be seen (inside the red as demonstrated

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Just wanted to take another moment to thank you nakamichi680. Your endless motivation to improve this game is marvelous
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So I decided to work on that script that separates root motion and puts it into a new root bone. I managed to almost finish it if not for one problem. XYZ Location values over keyframes are calculated properly and seem to work fine. The problem is with WXYZ Quaternion Rotations. Do you perhaps know if these rotations have to be treated in some unique way, Nakamichi?

The whole formula is just values over keyframes with [new root bone = (exported animation's hip bone with root motion) - (exported animation's hip bone with no root motion). That works for location values but rotations get messed up.

Some preview of my script's results:
The more-in-the-middle anim is exported one with root motion and the other anim is work of my script.

If you or someone else knows what is the issue here, please let me know because I have no idea what is the issue.

Edit: Oh shoot, I accidentally posted in the wrong thread. It was meant to be in TRAOD modding and discussions and I can't delete it now, sorry T_T
If some moderator could delete this post, I'd be thankful.

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