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Default How to Remake Von Croy Right

He should be a complete villain, but not soulless, just an adversary of Lara's. In the beginning, just like TLR, establish an origin story quickly of him being a mentor gone wrong. Then for the majority of the story he can be the perfect villain, until him and Lara have to join forces to take down a bigger evil. Watching them slowly become partners would be very satisfying, especially with all the quippy dialogue and back and forth evolving from genuine disdain for each other to respect.

I'm thinking of true detective season 1 where two very different agents who looked down at each other, actually had a bigger force to fight. And watching them have each others backs was a very interesting dynamic. After they break the law together it binds them.

I think the power dynamic between von croy and lara is more interesting than Roth and Lara because Lara is now fully established. It it really takes someone who is higher up than Lara and in a position of power and authority over her to find her equal since she is automatically higher up in status from her demeanor, confidence, beauty and accomplishment. Her existence is overpowering to anyone she come into contact with. Someone established like von croy evens the playing field. And it's actually someone shes never lost total respect for. Even though he's her adversary she still holds him in high regard but doesn't totally show it.

He shouldn't die at the end though. He should go his seperate way and kind of disappear and go in hinding. Lara can pick up with him again in the third game.
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I think some people will disagree but I like the idea. It'll be fun and fresh to have some rival in the next game instead of having everyone good. Also having a rival will give Lara the chance to throw shade and sarcastic comments on them (similar to how Lara used to say "watch your back old man" or when Lara would talk to Amanda in TR Legend). I'd love it when she'd show cruelty. I also have a soft corner for Von Croy so it'd be great if they end up becoming allies and planning a secret strategy for some final event against a greater evil.

But then again. This will only damage the already damaged unified canon.

On a side note, I'd love if Nathan Drake makes a good chunk of appearance too in Lara's world but keeping her charm and spotlight intact.
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So should he be a complete villain or just an adversary of Lara's? Because the latter does not make him evil.
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I absolutely love when the protagonist and antagonist have some sort of complicated relationship and mutual respect for eachother. LOVE IT

That being said, I would welcome a fresh new villain over anyone we've gotten in the past. Von Croy was alright, but without changing the canon so he is alive his story with Lara is done. We saw the beginning, middle and end. There's nowhere else to go with it without retconning their relationship to be deeper than it seemed all along and no thank you
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Conrad Roth was not an archaeologist. Von Croy should be his archeology mentor. An archaeologist that Lara admires.
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