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I stopped playing after the update where you had to get more and more clues before you could try for the relic. Got to be ridiculous. I don't want to collect 25 clues then after all that I die right as the relic is in sight. Nope.
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I don't because on my previous iphone I had countless hours in, solved the jungle, desert and majority of tibet AND THAN I switch to new iPhone, transfer everything from old phone to new bc it's THAT easy, all your info and passwords and pictures and game progress is transferred so you just continue to use the new iPhone like it's the same device - and I find out that LC RR doesn't have that abiliti, in 2020! I reach to support and yeah, there is no way around it. Literally every other game EVER on my iphone works with Apple's Game Center where all your progress is saved online but LC RR DOESN'T. If you wanna play this **** you cannot change your phone - EVER. Stupid af if you ask me.
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