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Default Tomb Raider II FMV - Now at 4K and 30FPS


New Versions of these files have been created and are now uploaded to Drive and YouTube. Existing links should work.


• Re-encoded with H.265 to reduce file size
• Reduced interpolation issues
• Fixed over-zealous cropping
• Improved gamma so videos are not as washed out
• Removed herobrine.

Hi Everyone! Me again!

It has been a tough year for us all. And I wont even begin to describe how it’s affected me. But what got me through this is the trust and support this kind community has given me with the preservation of the most intricate part of the Tomb Raider series; The FMV.

I have posted my remasters of Tomb Raider FMV in the past, but I have grown and learned since then. I have developed my craft, learned new skills. And It was high time these beauties be revisited!

So, using a combination of new software and some tools which nearly melted my Graphics Card…

Tomb Raider II – at full 4K. AND 30FPS!

Now, since it’s 4k, the files are very big. But I do invite the community to play around with them, compress them and tweak them as they wish! It’s all yours to enjoy and play with!


YouTube Playlist

Feedback is always appreciated and I will do my best to improve on my work in the future!

Thanks again for everything!


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These and the TRI cutscenes that you remastered look amazing, especially these TRII ones! Thank you for your contribution.
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Stunning. Just stunning! Thanks so much for this!
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These looks even better than TR1 4K HD FMVs, amazing
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Iím not perfect.

I make mistakes, have issues, forget things. But your feedback over the last few weeks has been greatly appreciated.

I have went back and reviewed all the files and made the necessary updates to make them less amateurish and more professional as this community expects.

The new files are uploaded to drive and are now available to download. And you can stream them on YouTube too!

Many thanks to all of you who pointed all of these issues out. Your criticism, both positive and negative has helped me grow!
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These ones are looking really good, great job on them
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