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Default Steam version bug

I just bought the steam version of the game and there's this bug where, if Lara sideflips or backflips in a room with a low ceiling, she acts as if she hit her head. From what I understand it's a bug with the nocd patch.

Is there a fix?
tr25 was a flop
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Best to use Arsunt's TR2Main patch. It fixes that and has many other useful features
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Yes. I recommend using Arsunt's TR2Main patch. Instructions here.

To download other EXE files, with documentation included, click here.

Tomb Raider II Speedrunning Executables, officially available from
 - The "Tomb Runner" Discord server: https://***********/scsMmK
 - TR2's speedrun.com "Resources" page: https://www.speedrun.com/tr2/resources 

Tomb Raider II's launch was not during an era of digital distribution; instead,
hard discs were the medium to distribute the game. Throughout localizations and
occasional patches, minor changes in the game's files were made between some
releases (this trend is also notable in Playstation releases). As a result,
several different "versions" of the game are available via different discs. The
latest release was in 2012, when Square Enix released classic Tomb Raiders to
GOG and Steam as the first official, commercial digital distributions.

Some release/version differences between ".exe" files result in significantly
different gameplay, especially in regards to glitches, collisions, and momentum.
 - The Steam and GOG releases ship with a fan-made "Multipatch" .exe, available
   in this archive.
 - Most CD releases, however, behave similar to the "Eidos Premier Collection"
   .exe provided in this archive.
 - Some earlier CD releases, however, behave like the "Eidos UK Box" .exe
   provided in this archive.
Information about BEHAVIORAL DIFFERENCES below.

It should be noted that .exe files called "Soul's" and "German Apel" were once
distributed by the community instead of the Eidos Premier Collection and
Eidos UK Box Edition files available here. There are reasons for the change.
 - First: German and Soul's .exes come from unknown sources
  -- German features undocumented modifications; an undocumented "no-CD crack"
     was applied, with potentially other undocumented changes.
 - Second: The executables often caused language inconsistencies in menus and
   audio when overwriting Steam/GOG releases' files.
 - Lastly: German and Soul's .exes often caused audio issues. Specifically,
   they often caused stutters or hitching due to Windows runtime issues;
   runners would often delete music files or mute audio in-game,
   both of which are undesirable workarounds.

The switch away from German/Soul's does not negatively affect runners in any
way, since these .exes are identical in behavior (as far as is known) to legal,
trackable CD releases. Specifically, the German .exe is essentially equal to
that of the Eidos Premier Collection CD; the Soul's .exe is essentially equal
to that of the Eidos UK Box CD. Hence, the latter equivalents are now provided
here instead of the former .exes.

Thus, for all future submissions, German/Soul's .exes are officially discouraged
and unsupported; you should instead use the equivalents provided here.

 - This version is generally not recommended for speedrunning or casual play.
   This is due to the fact that this executable has the "low ceiling bug."
   The bug prevents you from performing flips in areas with low ceilings.
   This complicates and/or prevents some complex and even some simple maneuvers.
 - An exception to this rule is if the runner is performing a specific 
   Individual Level (IL) speedrun. As far as we know now, the only IL run that
   benefits from use of Multipatch is Ice Palace, because the springboard
   glitch is easiest to execute with this .exe. The springboard glitch, however,
   is possible with the UK Box .exe and impossible with the Premier .exe.

Eidos Premier Collection
 - Certain mid-air collisions result in Lara retaining some forward momentum, 
   slightly moving her forward through the rest of the jump/fall after it 
 - This .exe cannot perform Roll Corner Bugs. This makes Living Quarters
   "Up" glitches, as well as others throughout the game, different and in some
   cases more precise. Ask around or compare runs with this and the UK Box .exe
   for more details.
 - This .exe cannot flicker over block seams. This prevents flickering over
   long distances or gaps.
 - This .exe cannot embed from a springboard launch, aka springboard glitch.
 - When doing the Floating Islands skip, the player is able to jump after the 
   initial embed, enabling the play to self-adjust, then jump out of the slope.

Eidos UK Box
 - This .exe does not retain forward momentum after a mid-air collision -- it
   instead rebounds you backward, as expected.
 - This .exe has notably easier Stair Bugs compared to Premier Collection;
   it is also able to perform Roll Corner Bugs and flickers over block seams,
   whereas Premier cannot. This makes some areas and levels of the game faster.
 - This .exe behaves most like TR3 and the Playstation versions of TR2; if you
   are familiar with those, you may find this .exe easier to run.
 - This .exe can execute springboard glitches.
 - This .exe's Floating Islands skip is dependent on enemies pushing you further
   into a slope embed from a particular direction. Waiting for the push loses
   time and also makes the skip RNG-dependent; sometimes the push will never
   arrive or will come from the wrong direction.
 - This .exe doesn't support disabling FMVs.

The .exes distributed here have been patched to work using your local files (CD
not required). The changes made to the original exes are documented in the files
named Tomb2-uk-changes.txt and Tomb2-premier-changes.txt.


If you have any additional questions or require more details, feel free to ask
in the #tomp2 channel in the Tomb Runner Discord server, linked at the top of
this readme.

The .exe files provided in this .zip archive are property of Square Enix and are
provided, like this readme file, as-is and without any guarantees or warranties.
Pirating is discouraged.
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^Thanks guys! It works as expected now.
tr25 was a flop
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