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Originally Posted by Snake356 View Post
I have exactly the same problem with the black textures in "Bartoli's Hideout" with the latest Peixoto version. Is there the one fix for the textures to show up?
Seems to be something with the files. I generated mipmaps for dump22.dds with DirectX texture tool (just so it would fix any problems with the file) and it worked.
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Originally Posted by Peixoto View Post
Seems to be something with the files. I generated mipmaps for dump22.dds with DirectX texture tool (just so it would fix any problems with the file) and it worked.
Ok, but I don't know how this works to fix this with the DirectX tool. I don't know anything about that very well. The crazy thing is even if I take your version from 2018 I don't know exactly which version from 2018 everything works fine with the textures. Only with more recent versions of you, the texture is always displayed in black. I have reloaded the IOS textures several times, but the same error every time. I've also reinstalled TR2 several times, but always the same problem.
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Originally Posted by RealRaptoReX View Post
Hi, I'm new to this forum, I hope I don't do anything wrong with this post

I recently discovered arsuns Tomb Raider II Main and its great. I think it is better than just using the peixoto tool to make it widescreen and using the iOS textures, because it offers so much more. I installed basically all of the reg tweaks he did.

But now I am running into a couple of issues when using peixoto and the entry "Tomb Raider II - Arsun".

First is that (even when starting the game from the normal .exe) the game doesn't show the intro cutscene and the eidos logo, you just hear the sound for some reason. I didn't test any other cutscene in the game, but it hapens when i press the enter or esc key to skip the cutscene too fast. I need to wait fot the TR II logo to fully appear and then i can press a button. I don't know how these are correlated.

Second issue is with the iOS textures. I don't know if these textures don't read properly, but levels like the Barkhanf Monastery or Tibetian Foothills seem to have no upgraded textures at all, at least the level beginnings, same with the temple of xian or the floating islands which just have a couple of them. I don't really know if it was like that in the iOS version as well.
But then there are levels like Bartoli's Hideout that have completely missing textures, seen here:




The third problem is my controller, I just can't configure it properly since peixotos tool is messy in terms of controller settings. I'm using DS4Windows to make it run in xinput and its the only way my controller is really recognized by windows. In Tomb Raider II, nothing but vibration and the left stick works. Isn't there some tutorial for the controller setup?

My last issue is, that TR2Main is awesome and its tweaks also work in TR2 Gold, but i can't start Gold using Peixotos tool (under the game selection "Tomb raider II - Arsun") so it shows the iOS textures. So basically the game works perfectly, but the iOS textures only get applied in the main game, not Gold. The problem is, that I can't create a shoprtcut in peixoto for gold.

I hope someone can help me out with these issues! :/

Edit 1: Images don't show
Edit 2: Corrected the FMV text
Edit 3: Added another picture, its even worse, the whole room is untextured

There's no problem, it's just like that. The iOS version of TR2 doesn't have upgraded textures for these levels.
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Originally Posted by RealRaptoReX View Post
Yeah, I will be happy when that is the case, I'll just wait for it
Arsunt released a new TR2 Main with texture support The IOS ones are decent, but hopefully we eventually get a well made texture pack. Awesome work.
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