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Default Problem running Soul Reaver 2 on win 10

I installed SR2 from GOG and it is not running normally.

I can not move Raziel very well, when I fight he just moves so fat and misses hitting the guards.

I can;t devour souls; no matter what button I assign to it, it just doesn't work.

When I switch between the 2 realms, Raziel gets stuck by invisible walls and keeps moving in his own place.

I found these as fixes on other communities like Steam:

1. go to steam library> Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2> Righ click>Properties>Launch options
2. type -setup > Press ok.
3. Launch game and bottom option is VSYNC. Mark it. Click ok.
4. In order to launch the game, repeat step 1 but this time remove the -setup and press ok.
5. Launch the game.
Although My game is from GOG, I did go to the setup but I can't find this Vsync...


I tried setting it up as compatible with win vista SP2 but it didn't work either.
I also changed depth to 32 instead of 16 like I did with SR1 but also nothing helped.

SR1 was working very fine.

I hope anyone can help me fix this.

my PC settings:

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