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Originally Posted by Jami393 View Post
To top it off. For a Prince they were going to use in a trilogy, he's been in 8 games if I remember correctly.

Sands of Time
Warrior Within
Two Thrones
Battles of Prince of Persia
and the 4 different Forgotten Sands games.
That prince is also in the PS360 remake of the 1989 game. One of the best remakes ever! What a shame that the remake of The Shadow and the Flame is so dumbed down in comparison to the original and only got released on mobile devices. Played a bit of it via BlueStacks (an Android emulator) the other day and it's not great. At least with a controller it plays a bit better than with the touchscreen controls.
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The Prince in Prince of Persia Classic is not the same Prince as the Sands Prince except for sharing the same character model as The Sands of Time. When I listed those games I was saying same Prince story-wise.
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Reddit are insane on Prince of Persia rumours, there is one every 3 days.
Today they said a remake of POP Sands of Time may be revealed at May 21st.

Looking forward to not see anything this day again...
(... Even though I would love this to be true)
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