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Originally Posted by Woops View Post
The code is indeed still in TR3, but unused. However, (With the help of lwmte) we applied the "sunset" flag on all rooms (by numbers it's "3"), and forced the effect to trigger, and this happened:

Turns out they reused the flag for the water/quicksand surface "wibbling" effect. that's my best guess anyway.
LOL that looks trippy! Makes me wonder why they didn't use this effect in more creative ways than just for the quicksand. Is it only visual or does this actually affect the level geometry?
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^ purely visual
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So I figured out seemingly how to change roomlight values in a batch way via TRMOD.

using ASSAULT.tr2 and FLOATING.tr2 as my test levels. I export a GET GEOMETRY ALL text file from these levels. Once filtered, it spits out a ROOMLIGHT command for every room and it's original values. I change all lights set to #0, to #3 and rework that into REPLACE commands in the level file. Works great. I do another GET GEOMETRY ALL export and the lights I changed HAVE changed to #3, as per the same export of Bartollis original hideout. It looks right!!

Using tombpceditor to add "Lara starts out in Motorboat?" To LarasHome and Floating Island script entries. (Come to realise this IS the SUNSET command - Pascal just wasnt aware?)
OR using Suikazes TR2 Scripter to add SUNSET to those level entries.

Nothing eugh. My eyes are actually square.

I'm missing something in my step - or not.

Yes I've renamed my two levels to Venice.tr2 incase there is any level slot hard coding - another 40 minutes wasted. Me vision!
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tomb21 source reveals that TR3 has a Sun light object type.
it may be present in TR2 too and be the only light affected by SUNSET
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TLU can read and display the SUNSET flag correctly (the message comes from the TOMBPC.DAT page on TRS3)
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