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Default Anyone have experience with music distributors?

Seriously thinking of releasing some music in the near future and was wondering if anyone had any experience with music distributors that send stuff to major stations like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc.

Already did quite a bit of digging online about the subject, sites like CD Baby, DistroKid, BMI, ASCAP, things like that. I just want some experienced opinions from you guys.

And should I register copyright for my songs before upload or let the IP that's automatically applied to created works handle it?

I'll most likely start with a small set of singles before trying a full album.
I want to start getting into the practice of distribution now that I'm officially making soundtracks for commissions (that allow me to own my stuff at least) and classmates' student projects that require music.
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Hi I was summoned to help youuuuu.

I do have some experience with CD Baby/CD Baby Pro. To be entirely honest, I do not like their customer service. In my opinion and based on my experiences, it has been very lackluster.

However, the service in itself and the advantages that it gives you are pretty great. For my future releases, I'll be switching to a different distribution partner as I want to approach things differently.

If I'm not mistaken, CD Baby Pro Administration registers your songs with ASCAP/BMI, which protects the music you have created. When I was younger, I use to register copyrights for every track that I used to write, and this was a pricey process, and I do not remember where, but I was told it was unneccessary along the line. For as long as the rights organization has your credentials, you are good to go.

I do suggest approaching the market with singles (3), released every 3-5 months (depending on the interest the track garners), and then eventually a release.
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