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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
Yes it really was the epitome of bland open world design which was odd as Mafia 2 was also open world and yet managed to marry that up with a much more impactful story and characters.
Mafia 1 was more like Driver than GTA.

The open world was more of a means of getting to missions/a sandbox for missions to take place in rather than an open world for you to heavily mess around in. (though both games do give you the option to spawn in the open world without a mission if you want to.)

Not that I'd object to fleshing it out in the remake if they don't make it full of tedious side-content.

They seem to be adding motorbikes which is fun since a motorbike was actually planned for the first game but got cut. (You can hack it back in but it doesn't drive too well.)

For me, it'll depend if they either A: Make Mafia 1 again just on the new engine or B: Make Mafia 1 but it plays like Mafia 2/3.

Since I'd actually prefer A alot more than the latter, I actually prefer the seemingly not done anymore method of TPS controls of "Crosshair is directly above the protagonist and you can crouch anytime" than the "To the shoulder and you need to duck at cover" method of Mafia 2/3. (As well as the more in-depth if underuitilized inventory system.)

I also hope they don't remove the traffic laws system, at least make it an option instead of cutting it out.
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Originally Posted by ajrich17901 View Post
Got Mafia 2 on PS4 and it's a friken mess optimization wise. Frame rate drops, environments popping in right in front of your face and dialogue only being on the left channel in cutscenes -_-. $30 well spent..
Looking at the comparison videos there isn't much done to warrant a $30/£25 price tag. Plus, you can buy the trilogy at £50 but Mafia 2 stand alone is £25? Clearly they're anticipating a lot of people will have already bought 3 or won't be interested in it and are gouging the price of 2 which was always seen as superior. It makes me wonder how much they'll charge for the remake of 1 which has clearly had a lot more work put into it.

From the comparion videos I saw there are even some details lacking - I know it's silly but things like the rain being in the opening didn't look as promenant and certain elements of Vito's character model are slighly less enhanced. To me that just shows it would have been an issue in the main game and now I have heard this I'm definitely holding off till it goes on sale/has a chance to be patched.
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Iím not one for framerate, heck Iíll be honest I canít tell the difference between 30 & 60 but man, Mafia 2 is bad. When the framerate drops the game stutters. An you have bushes/trees just appearing out of nowhere because they havenít loaded in time.

Iím loving the game, itís nice to revisit it but they need to patch this ASAP. It feels like they rushed the game out because of the leaks.
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It's weird they didn't remake the second game too. Obviously 3 looks good as it's a modern game and now the 1st one looks incredible to the original but 2 still looks/feels like an older game. Kind of odd.
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