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Originally Posted by lance6439 View Post
how does a process like this go?
Have relatives (with citizenship) here, applied for immigration about 15 years ago
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Gr00t, my advice to you would be... as you're currently living at home, may be best to follow your families wishes. If you can get away with certain things like not fasting (Even in my religion, I've never understood fasting, humans are designed to require calories to operate properly), prayers etc then do so. But personally, I don't think its hypocritical to follow a religion in vein if it keeps your family in order. You mention exams, so you're either sitting your GCSEs or A levels, and since you mentioned University, perhaps the latter. Either way, you're still young... living at home is occasionally not ideal when you are reaching adulthood. But if "following" the religion is tolerable for just a little while longer, simply to keep the peace then do so. And when you get to university (not if), you'll be free to believe whatever you want.
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gurl, honestly? same.

i'm Saudi, gay and atheist I specialize in double life, honey, but I love mum so much I'd rather die than break her heart and come out to her. So I dunno what advice I can offer to you. Just do what feels right, and hide lots of water bottles in your room during ramadan lmao
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