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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Looking at how such people as doctors or lawyers are seriously thinking that coronavirus is "a scam" or "a way for government to control people" I am honestly thinking that something is really wrong with either education or at least common sense in society.
it's called being dumb. could be the best at his job, then a ****face outside its building.
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Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
I've noticed a lot of the time it's who you know rather than what you know.
This, this, this.

I mean, at the baseline, education is incredibly important for the purposes of just being a responsible adult - but I resent the notion that you require a formal education to work anywhere other than the register at your local supermarket.

This seems to be the case for a lot of places, at least in Sweden, and I feel that it's just gatekeeping. You will always need to learn anyway, wherever you happen to be working, so I'm not sure why the distinction needs to be made.

I have a diploma in hotel management, and I do work at a hotel, yet I needed to learn the computer systems and routines the same way everyone else did in their first month...

For that matter, the diploma didn't do me any favors in terms of the job itself - I work at the front desk for a pittance.

And then, you have the people who are in the back office - who usually have broadly unrelated competenc(i)es, yet are still deemed appropriate for the job (which hasn't always been the case lmao).

They're also paid a wage that is disproportionate to the amount of labor they do, but that's a different subject entirely....
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Not at all. Education is highly important for your development as a human being and in preparing you to work in the real world. It's not just the subject matter that's important; you learn behaviours and mannerisms at school as well, "between the lines", so to speak, which is equally important for functioning in society. Discipline goes a long way.
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