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Wow, Tomek (Polish name, right?), you are really talented in this. An occupation or only a hobby?
When hearing this, I believed feeling so many different styles in this, just some of them, which come to my mind now: Age of Empires, Settlers, Metallica, Tchaikovsky...
And sometimes it really sounded like a conducted orchestra...

How many talented composers do the TRLE community have?
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Originally Posted by tomekkobialka View Post

Here's virtually all the music I wrote for TDR.

There is even a demo of a rock song ("In the Shadows") which was going to be performed and released alongside the game. Yes we were quite ambitious!

To be clear, the vast majority of these tracks are "concept" tracks, in the sense that they were written for hypothetical scenarios which might end up in the game.

There were other composers involved in the project as well but I will leave it to them to publish their own work if they so wish.

Hope you enjoy!
Impressive work,whatever,I'm sad for the project has been cancelled
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came across a gameplay video on youtube, clicked a link that brought me here, downloaded it and then found out the polish legend is behind this? i am shook
la vendicion, papi
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Originally Posted by Reggie View Post
I just streamed a playthrough of sorts on Twitch.
Thanks for the review, I have just seen the twitch you mentioned (although watched about 1,5h before it was removed by twitch as it was already two weeks old) and I have noticed there were several questions and remarks raised by people that I should maybe address, mostly related to credits and workflow.

TDR was born on the foundation of the last version of TLD, which was started by Quentin in 2014, but the "final" version you see was in production for much shorter time. Only the Mountain of the Martyr and Beneath the Pyramid levels were started earlier (and of course the music was done by then). The first one was made by me, the other one was started by Joey in maybe 2017 (?), before we even switched to Tomb Editor. The latter was put on hold rather quickly though because the animations had much higher priority. Dale believes most of the current version was built in about 6 months while I think it was probably about a year? There's little stuff left from the TLD project.

All the levels (apart from Egypt) were done by Dale and I. Dale made the Descent level, Himalayan Precipe, made the Sunken City of Cennet in about a day or two and later all the graphical demos. They were there to point out the art direction if someone was to start working on them. I was responsible for the Mountain of the Martyr and the Lost Valley level (+ the fleshy room). Lore was originally going to make the Lost Valley level, but it didn't work out in the end as he had other things to do.
The horizons in the Mountain level and in the Lost Valley were made by Joey. The horizon in the first level was by Lore.

The gameplay was only briefly started because we had a separate person to work on the scripts (not Krystian though who made amazing plugins for us). The designers were working either on paper while tweaking graphics or geometry and waiting. Unfortunately that collaboration didn't work out in the end and Joey and I started working on some of the puzzles (eg. the lantern puzzle in kriegler and the darkness that hurts puzzle in Egypt). At that point the team fall apart though.

The entire story and levels were planned on paper and docs that were put on Google Drive. They weren't included in the repository. The general workflow was that we planned all the basic locations and puzzles on paper, then we would create geometry, after that basic texturing, lighting and object placement (mostly placeholders) while someone else was working on scripts (that didn't really work out though). Then we would work on more elaborate gameplay (Martyr and Descent reached that point) and the details were meant to be added once the rest was finished but we never went that far. By then we were also thinking about waiting for tr5main which was partially the reason why other levels were also started, before Martyr and Descent were even finished.

The levels were not in a playable state when the project was cancelled. The levels present on the github repo were released as assets, not as a custom level. That's also the reason why TDR was never uploaded to TRLE.net. There were also concerns if the project should be released at all, but in the end we decided to publish it since it leaked twice already.

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