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Originally Posted by killchan View Post
Unless you do like this guy and stop playing as intended to stress test every little aspect, you're not gonna notice.
I don't agree. I noticed from simply playing these games and I don't care what excuse you give it AI in 2020 shouldn't be worse than 2003.
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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
We aren't just talking about direct combat AI here though: There are other things that need improving such NPC behaviours particularly in open world games, driving AI etc.
Yes, totally. IMO especially pathfinding could be improved heavily. Instead of having fixed navpoints, NPCs should be able to create their own paths procedurally.

Originally Posted by killchan View Post
... you guys need to see things from a different angle.

In a videogame, not everything needs to feel "right" or "complete": it just needs to have a purpose. Narrative, gameplay, sometimes both.
AI is designed based on the experience the developer wants for the player in that specific area and the attention to detail is often set higher or lower (better word for that: optimized) based on what the player is supposed to be focused on in that very moment.

It's all an illusion.
Well, of course it is an illusion. But I see it like movies with bad scripts. A movie with a bad script can still be edited in a way that the script makes sense, if you don't think too much about it. But if you watch a movie with a brilliant script, you'll surely notice the superior storytelling. And then of course there's a lot of movies with bad scripts that aren't edited in a way that the bad stuff is more hidden.
And things like AI in games is similar: In most games the AI does a basic job, but when the level design and gameplay is made in a way that complements the AI, you won't notice easily that the AI is basic. But if an AI is outstanding like in F.E.A.R. or Alien Isolation, you'll certainly notice that.
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