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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
No, because we're not overeacting idiots...
Good then...

It was expected tbh. He already talked about TR a little bit in the recent Q&A that’s been posted here.
TR needs to be about cities, discos and military bases again.
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Originally Posted by SoraSakai View Post
No not blaming you AT all. You put in a lot of work and have more right to be annoyed than any of us.
Eh, we still learned quite a bit from his movie-making process, that can be interesting for Tomb Raider anyways.

Like him using Minecraft and GTA to test some environments or shots. Quite interesting, eespecially considering SotTR also has a photomode.
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I am very disappointed. Even Alicia told more things.

I think TR2 must be very frozen by Covid at the moment and they can't count anything because they don't know anything. It's sad.

If Ben is confirmed to be shooting another movie in July ... we could forget about TR2 for quite some time. Even a year delay. Ben has said that he works project by project. Even if it is a small movie, it will be 2 months of filming, plus 2 months of post-production.
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