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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Honestly looking at SQEidos policy so far I think they'd sooner remaster TR1-5 and LAU than touch TRAOD.
Yeah I think the simple fact is that from a financial point of view itís probably (rightly) considered not wise to remake the least successful and lowest selling installments from a game series.
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AoD requires far more than just bug-fixing and enhanced graphics to be "fixed" and profitable, that's why.

The game was released unfinished. It has noticeable holes in the story, the game play controls are clunkier and more ungainly than the PS1 classics, and too many levels that are too short with not a great deal exciting happening in them.

The only thing salvagable about the game is the general storyline and concept art, which means to make it work you have to go all the way back to pre-production. Levels would have to be totally redesigned and remade so that they're bigger and not broken up by load screens, more fun and engaging to play. The story would need refining, which in turn requires more voice acting work to be done. The gameplay either needs to play straight-up like classic remasters would play, at best, if not a completely modernised gameplay engine. Anything but what we had with those clunky controls.

They could probably do a version that fixes all/most of the bugs for steam or something, that would please hardcore fans. But yes, as far as actually re-doing the game as a whole remaster/remake that is never happening.

Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
I don't think they'll even remaster 4 if they do it. A trilogy looks neater and would garner less cost, less time and more money - let's face it they'd charge the same amount whether the collection had 3, 4 or 5 games.

It's a shame really I'd much rather a remake/ramaster of TR4 than TR3.
It would be my dream come true to see the PS1 pentalogy all remastered in a consistent art style, perhaps even with shared unlockable content like a crap tonne of Lara's iconic outfits shared between them. They could even throw in some LAU and Reboot era outfits re-imagined on classic Lara in her cartoony art style, I'd love that.

I guess if, again, they go more niche with it and outsource production to a smaller developer they could definitely do this.
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^ My though on AOD, not just buggy, it didn't feel finished.

In terms of Chronicles, I liked:
  • The locations
  • Exploring outside the submarine
  • The horror elements of the Ireland levels
  • It was obviously the best looking TR game
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