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Is any game ever "supposed" to be buggy?
I'm watching myself like an old movie on color TV.
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Originally Posted by michaeldt View Post
You get a damn flashlight in the Wii version . And the Croft Manor trophy room.
I seriously wonder why the flashlight wasn't ported to every other game version, it was such a cool feature.
Just think. You wouldn't be needing those unsightly weapons anymore. :)
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Originally Posted by mepsipax View Post
Is any game ever "supposed" to be buggy?
Of course not. But this wording is usually used when a game is played on newer devices/hardware/software than originally intended as this can cause new bugs. This mostly happens on PC, but there are also new bugs with backwards compatible games running on newer consoles like PS1 games running on a PS2, original Xbox games running on an Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 games running on an Xbox One. "Supposed" bugs are those that have always been there and have never been (officially) fixed as opposed to "new" bugs being caused by newer systems with different architecture.
Never forget: Gameplay is king!
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