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^ Thank you
Btw, here on TRF is the thread dedicated to playing TRLE with Reshade, definitely going to check how they work

And may I ask if you started testing my alpha-build?
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You're welcome, and yes! I will send you a PM.
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Have you guys seen Dreams for PS4? I saw it recently and my imagination blew. I hope this community tries it and create TRLE-Like levels for it.
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Some have already tried but tbh I feel it's just Little Big Planet part two only looking better and with more possibilities

not sure if that can ever get close to proper levels or custom engine-based games.
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Funny, huh?

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If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.
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I don't know what caused it (in Opera). I just know that it happens averagely once in each week.
It is easy to fix it: close TRF - open a random page - open TRF again. Or restart the browser.
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i donít get the joke akyv why is it funny
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For me it looks like TRF finally censored all the words it finds offensive
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I'm in the process of learning Angular and .NET/c# as I'm building a website in my current project at work. I would like to get a bit of practice outside of work and I would quite like to build a new trle resource repository that features a really modern clean looking UI (and maybe a TR themed skin to overlay) and will be user friendly.

I think at the beginning the site will allow you to:

- Search across the following elements
Wads/ objects
Sounds/ fx

I plan to add some easy filtering options, e.g search via keyword across one or more elements. Allow you to search by tags... e.g find all outfits that are tagged with "Arctic, Cold" etc...

I plan to add some streamlined functionality for uploading content. E.g when you want to upload a new Outfit, you go through a wizard type page, and the site will automatically extract and snapshot the outfit to produce a consistent image that get's displayed on the page (at a set size and resolution). Then if you select that outfit, it will take you to a page where it generates a more in depth view (rather ambitiously, a 3D interactive view).
Similarly with animations, there would be an automatic animation viewer embedded into the site, so that when someone uploads and animation, it will be automatically extracted and "demoed" on the site.

Really ambitious later plans would be to implement a preview window, where you can inject a selected outfit, object set/ textures/ animation etc into a stripped back web based version of tomb4.exe and demo the stuff in a small 4x4 room).
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