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That's all I can say.
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I love all the shots so far, but the pose in the one with waterfalls, it's stunning!
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Alex Fly
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Originally Posted by Zolee View Post
Thank you guys!

Theres one more tease ^^

Fantastic !
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I'm sure that if you put it in a corresponding thread in the TRL section they could believe it as some new early Legend screens. Because you really got the thing.

Maybe Zolee is an ex-Crystal employee after all?
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Wow, that looks extremely close to TRL's Ghana level, it's very well designed, the atmosphere, lighting, textures and environment look very resembling to the TRL level.
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While this looks truly amazing for a TRLE level.. its still a shame we are limited by the grid system.
As in, everything fits into a grid shape and it becomes quite obvious, even if the builder tries to 'cover' it up with objects or whatever.

I've started experimenting with 'fake' wall objects to make the grid appear smaller, although collision with these is still a problem.
Has anyone been able to emulate, say, a half block on a floor (object) which Lara is able to stand on, and 'stop' halfway instead of floating in thin air?

Just an idea, didn't know if it was possible. I guess this method would hog up resources in terms of triggers?
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Wow! That doesn't even look like a TRLE made game. Impressive, looks just like the beta.
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omgzzz i desperately need this. now.

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Deathly Karma
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I really did think it was the beta, it was only until I looked at the title again did it click in my mind it wasn't. I'm very impressed with the work you've done so far Zolee.
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Tomb Raider
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This game looks so pretty It's actually on par with the PS2 version of Legend in some respects imo which is great considering it's on Core's 'PSone' Engine. Just goes to show engines have a lot more to give if you're given time to expand them.

Ghana was one of my favourite levels in Legend so I'm looking forward to this
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