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oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd I seriously want to play this!
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OMG this is great
First The Croft Curse gets a sequel and now this, this is just Christmas come early
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I like so much the first game..this one is so amazing too
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This looks SO good! I love the cathedral labyrinth, and the haunted southern mansion and Caribbean jungle look amazing, too! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of role Laura Cruz plays in the game as well. I can't wait to play this!
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Huge fan of your work here! Can't wait to play another uniqueness!
Everything looks spot on
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Great to hear you're still going strong Michael.
Good looking screenshots though
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Wow, impressive! I'll be looking forward to playing!
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Very much looking forward to this!!
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It's so good to see your still at work with the editor Cowboy!
The characters look great and so authentic to your style, the locations look amazing too.
You captured the time period so well, and Melissa looks amazing!
The fact that she use to be a circus performer is enough to make me love her.

I literally screamed when I saw this thread, I'm such a big fan of the first Fading Light!
So excited to get my hands on this!
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Thanks for all the comments. I actually had to split this project into two separate games so another project set around the Rocky Mountains will be worked on straight after and it will also feature my new character. I hope to complete Fading Light 2 some time next year.

@DJ Full,
I can't reveal too much about Hamilton Graves and the other characters as it should be left a surprise. However there are several characters and one or two may be vampires.

That was indeed one of my many inspirations for the mansion level but this one will be haunted.

Although this is subject to change the levels so far will be:

Level 1 -The San Pablo mission (Beta ready)
A Spanish mission in Texas.

Level 2 -Dark Ceremony (Beta ready)
Part two of the San Pablo mission.

Level 3 -Bourbon street blues (Beta ready)
Set in the alluring French quarter of New Orleans. This level also serves as a hub level.

Level 4/5 -Hall of secrets (Beta ready)
A level in the dark vaults beneath a sealed cathedral in New Orleans

Level 4/5 -Shadows of opulence (60% complete)
The Haunted Plantation where ominous ceremonies take place.

Level six - The Abyss (5% complete)
A level set entirely underwater in the tropical Caribbean depths.

Level seven- ??? (5% complete)
The gang's Caribbean island. Melissa will be up against the cult, a hoard of zombies and more!

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