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I know the feeling! I struggled a lot when I decided enough was enough and I needed to lose weight. I weighed nearly 16 stone last year and after only a few months of exercise and cutting out a lot, not all (you still need some rewards to keep motivated), I managed to get myself down to 13 stone. I feel so much better for it!

This might sound silly but the biggest thing that helped me to lose a lot of weight was to really talk to myself. If I had an urge to eat something, I would ask myself "Am I really hungry or am I just bored?" 9 times out of 10 I was eating out of habit or boredom. You have to make sure that you're always honest with yourself. If I was genuinely hungry and wanted that snack, I would have it but if I wasn't I would go without. Just make sure the snack is small! Also, drinking plenty of water definitely helps these urges.

Exercise is also key. Cardio especially will help weight drop. I found that running really helped me slim down significantly. Find a route you like and/or go explore a new place with long walks. Eventually you'll be able to start jogging certain sections of these walks until you build up stamina and will be able to jog for longer. Finally, you'll be able to turn it into a run. Keep yourself motivated, make sure to have a really good music playlist made that makes you want to keep moving!

Like I said, defeating the urges to just keep eating junk is hard. Just remember that if you do have the urge, and you need to treat yourself to get rid of the urge, have a treat in moderation and try and limit to 1 or 2 SMALL things a week. That really helped me and knowing I was getting that one chocolate bar on a Saturday night kept me motivated and sane!
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Dennis's Mom
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Just remember there is no magic bullet.

There is no switch you will find and flip to make it easier.

Nothing will change if you don't change.

Losing weight is a process that requires change. You have to change what you do. You have to change what you eat.

Exercise. You have to find something you can do that you WILL do, that you will marginally enjoy doing. Music makes me want to move. I have these weird treadmill dance routines. I walk in time to the music. Working out is hard, but because I cannot NOT move to music, I have that advantage. If I'm not on the treadmill, I have different playlist for ground walking.

Maybe music isn't your motivator. Maybe you love books. Maybe listen to audio books while you walk--and only while you walk. A little "wanting to know what's happening next" could be a great motivator to get walking. Books are free from your library, there's also some great podcasts.

Any movement helps, but getting your heart rate to an aerobic level is what will help you burn your fat. Add some cross punches when you walk, (step left, punch right) and you will be able to raise your rate without running.

Learn to count calories. I used a free app called "Lose It" which made it very easy from scanning UPC codes to lost of restaurant entries. Once I learned how many calories I was supposed to consume to lose weight and the values of what I was eating, it made it so much easier to make better choices. I have 700 calories left and I'm not 350 of them on a candy bar.

Water. Lots of water. It will be tough at first, but after a while you will start to crave it. Being well-hydrated will make everything about your body function better. You will probably lose a few pounds simply because you're holding water weight.
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I used to have weight issues in my late teens/early twenties. In my first year of college alone, I gained almost 20 pounds due to eating nothing but fast food and junk food at the cafeteria. I wasn't much better when I graduated from college either. At the age of 25, I weighed around 225 pounds. I use to work inside a grocery store and would eat junk food all the time. I did go to the jump 4-5 times a week, but I wasn't really losing any weight due to my poor diet.

The breaking point for me when I went to get a physical at the age of 26 and was told I had high cholesterol. I completely changed my diet and eating habits along with working out more. I probably lost around 40 pounds in a three month period. I was able to get my cholesterol levels back into normal ranges as well. Unfortunately, now I have GERD (acid reflux) issues that was probably associated with my poor diet in my teens and twenties. Now I have no choice but to eat healthy all the time to avoid flare-ups.

In regards to your situation. I think you should aim for certain weight goals. Instead of trying to lose 50 pounds at once, try to set different milestones until you reach your ultimate goal. For example, if you weigh 225 pounds now you should try to set a goal of reaching 220 pounds. Once you reached that goal, try to aim for 210 pounds and so on. This is how I was able to drop from 225 to 175. By setting realistic goals, it shows that you are capable of losing weight and will keep you on track for your ultimate goal.

I recommend exercising as a part of your weight loss regiment. There are a lot of benefits to exercising besides weight loss. Especially when it comes to mental health. I primarily focused on cardio exercises like walking, running, and cycling. Start off at pace that you are comfortable with instead of going all in. And then try to increase the intensity over time.

Diet change is definitely a big part of losing weight as well. This might sound cliché, but try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to drink more water as well.
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I commend those that have managed to fix their diet, the sooner you fix it the better the outcome. As the longer you leave it the more complications that can develop.

The father of the family that lives nextdoor to my parents must be about 28-30 stone. But he's been overweight since he moved there in the late 90's and is now in his 60's. He can only walk to his car and has to sit down inside... Then he drives off angry like a maniac, a side effect of being overweight.

Our bodies are designed to move, not sit nor lie down all day.

Originally Posted by trfan16 View Post
Unfortunately, now I have GERD (acid reflux) issues that was probably associated with my poor diet in my teens and twenties. Now I have no choice but to eat healthy all the time to avoid flare-ups.
Do you also take PPI's for this as well? I used to have occasional acid reflux issues since I was a kid 15 odd years ago, though I always ignored it because I thought it was normal and it never annoyed me.
I was prescribed Omeprazole winter last year, but that was because of Gastritis as a result of having to take long term aspirin for a heart valve.

I took it for about a good month or two and not had GERD since, not saying this would be the same situation for you but it may help ease symptoms.
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Avalon SARL
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I am an Agronomist, I know alot about health and good diet also;

As well as some good experience relted to health and how to bulk well for a fit shape since I am a hard gainer; but I wouldn't consider myself a professional fitness and health specialist.

But from my experience, you know what is most important when it comes to diet?

Your circle of friends and the people in your family around you?

How supportive they can be; how they treat you in your daily life...

I noticed how much such things have impacted my desire to eat; I am someone who would lose the desire to eat if I was mistreated.

So I advise you as a first step to take very care of this issue (if you think it may hinder your goals) before you even start a diet plan.

You need supportive family and friends to help you throughout this journey because, even if it is not something extremely difficult (it is very challenging), people around you tend to be one of the main reasons your diet fails.

Second: get inspiration.

Think of someone you really want to look like. I followed a couple of slim-skinny athletes who could gain weight and become fit and have nice muscular shape (let us keep the steroid thing away for now... I am just inspiring myself and motivating myself).

So, encourage yourself by reading, watching clips about many of those who could make it and achieve their goals.

I put a couple of printed images for some of those men near my bed, even in the ceiling so whenever I would wakeup, my eyes would see these inspirational humans I want to mimic.
My target was to keep my mind always focused on what I want to achieve.

I even had lots of quotes written/ printed and hanged on walls throughout the house.
Above the main door If I wanted to leave the house, there was a printed quote that I would read as left; and the opposite way, as I entered another quote...

I am 168cm man who had a weight of about 50kg.
Throughout the course of 6 years I reached 67kg of pure muscle mass with as minimum 13% of body fat.

I think after you do these, a dietician+ Physical trainer/ Gym will make reaching your goals alot easier.

This is a change process that needs to come from within you.
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Hi Greenapple how are you doing? Did you get inspiration from this topic? I am curious how you are doing now.

Last year I was really depressed. I get some help from my GP and my psychologist. This year I noticed that I gained more fat. So I made a document with what I would want to accomplish, for how long (first one month, then another month), what it should feel etc. And the dangers doing too much (sporting too much, limit myself for food intake). I created a little calendar on paper and weighted on the days I choose. Creating spreadsheets with graphs (I work in IT ) about my weight. Till my mind getting fears and terrors about everything and I dropped my plan.

Then I went on holiday and noticed that I am 106 kg and my height is 192 cm. I don't like my reflection in the mirror and my belly was very ugly. So now I decided to sport two times in a week (fitness) at home. I am bicycling every day (but that is normal to me), walking to the supermarket instead of bicycling. And not doing too much, my goal is to weigh 100 kg or 99 kg is better. I am now 103/104 kg.

My tricks are:
- I was very into eating chocolate. I don't buy it.
- Eating too much in the evening, I decided to take one or two plates and nothing more.
- Cook everything what you like, but do it yourself. Btw I like cooking
- Drink water or coffee or tea nothing more.
- Think twice for going ordering meals from the take out. Do I really want that or do I have something in my refridgerator?
- I have an account on virtuagym.com where I can input all my accomplisments. You are rewarded (I like to be rewarded) with points, you can set goals etc.
- Don't set you goals too high. Minor changes with great inpact.

You need supportive family and friends to help you throughout this journey because, even if it is not something extremely difficult (it is very challenging), people around you tend to be one of the main reasons your diet fails.
This is so true. It works even better if you have a friend who is also into these things and can sport with you or motivate you.

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Similar boat.

Recently made some changes as my health deteriorated quite a lot. Won't go into details but I'm a lot happier than I was even as far as a few months back.

Changes I made:

I recently got back into rock climbing. I go pretty much 4 times a week, and my strength has come back.

I try and run every other day, I'm pushing to run up a local hill. Every time I go, I feel myself able to go further with fewer breath breaks.

I subscribed to hello fresh. Before I was disorganised with food and opted for quick ready made meals. Now I'm cooking for myself and am more prepared.

I don't worry too much about food, I enjoy the things that I like, but because of the more organised way of eating, I find it easier to keep healthy.

I don't feel like I need to get takeaways. At the moment, I'm sticking to once a month.
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I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in this thread. I would like to remind people that I am currently a patient at a psychiatric hospital, and so there are restrictions in regards to what I can and can't do. I'm allowed to go outside onto the hospital grounds with staff, but not by myself, and I'm not allowed to leave the hospitals grounds even if I'm accompanied by staff. I have spoken to staff about my concerns with my weight and diet and it's going to be arranged for me to see somebody from Occupational Therapy (OT) so that I can discuss the problems that I've got and explore potential solutions. The replies in this thread have been insightful and I'll mention some of these ideas to OT and see what they make of them. In the meantime, I will be trying out some of the ideas that have been posted in this thread to see if it accomplishes anything. Thanks again for taking the time to try and assist me with a problem which matters to me.
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