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I use dgVoodoo on TR2 to TR5.

The files that I place inside the game folder are the followin:

I realized though that the first too were not needed. All these are inside the MS/x86 folder of dgVoodoo.

The other two files I place inside the game folder are the dgVoodoo.conf configuration file (you can edit it with a text editor) and the dgVoodooCpl.exe (so you don't have to edit the configuration file manually).

It should not cause problems. If you do it like that you can launch the dgVoodooCpl.exe to experiment with its settings.

Other than that TR4 apart from automatic also had 'manual' aiming (I never bothered to learn how it works) but if that is enabled by mistake it could result to her missing all the shots.

Go to Options > Targeting and see if it is set to manual or automatic.
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