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Default Where's the Comic Relief?

So unlike a lot of old school Tomb Raider fans on here, I actually do like the recent trilogy. (the first game is the worst one though) It's fun to explore these detailed environments, just like the original games, the puzzles are fine, and there are a lot of memorable, cinematic moments.

However. One repeated criticism the games get is that they're basically the same type of gameplay as Uncharted. And one big advantage the Uncharted games have over the TR trilogy is the sense of humor- characters making wisecracks, playfully ribbing each other, and being surly about their current predicaments. They've made me laugh quite a few times, which is a rare feat for a video game. I got the same sense of fun from TR Legend, but sadly that aspect has been absent for the last few games, and I miss it. I get why they went that direction for the first game, because it was an origin story, the stakes were high, and Lara wasn't used to being in these situations before, but why continue that tone after that?

Anyone else think they should ease off the dour mood in whatever game comes next?

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Yeah, it was very serious in the first couple of game. I kinda get it for TR2013. As you point out, it's very high stakes. The closest the crew get to down time is when they sit down to have a fish dinner, but Alex has just died, so they're subdued anyway. There are a couple of rare moments in Rise where Lara gets to talk to Jacob and a brief scene where Jonah and Lara are reunited, but again, I think CD were intent on keeping the more subdued tone.

I do think Shadow improved in having lighter moments. Whilst there isn't a time when the characters are joking around, there are quite a few scenes where the characters are just being themselves and not all serious. Jonah and Lara in Cozumel, in the Jungle with Eli the worm, by the camp fire where they're reminiscing, Lara's talk with Unuratu etc. If you listen carefully, Jonah and Uchu have a few light-hearted jokey moments, especially during the dlc. Perhaps it's all a bit more subtle than in UC (I've not played), but there is definitely a better mix with serious/dark and lighter scenes. I think this reflects in Lara's personal story where she is actually beginning to enjoy her adventure and it's not all about the seriousness of the circumstances. Rise and Shadow are still part of the origin story, so as such, it does make sense they'd keep with similar tones and themes.
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I think this is a good point, and humor would've made TR2013 more complete. But it's very hard to be funny. They could come off like award show jokes written by amateurs if not done right. I think quick lines that aren't trying too hard and don't pause for the laugh track, if you know what I mean, can be an added bonus. But making jokes the centerpiece of the scenes like they do in the marvel movies, would suck so bad. They are awful when they do this because it dissipates any tension and ruins it. I think the kind of humor that would be more suitable would be the TR1 movie, how it had the line "Well I always found your ignorance quite amusing", because she immediately moves on and goes "powel however, is not ignorant', so it's not trying too hard because Lara had to say something there anyway, and she's not crazy impressed with herself for making a joke, and the scene doesn't stop moving to revolve around the humor. It's just a really great line that Lara slips in and keeps the flow going after it gives the joke a second to breathe. I would like to see subtle humor like this in the future and not a 1000 laughs a minute or over the top pratt falls and funny moments that can come off cheesy.

Comedy can also be used to energize tension like Lara and Rutland's discourse "All long distance relationships inevitably come to an end". It wasn't funny "haha" but it was funny, fun and light and colorful and it made the scene comforting because it was upbeat and quick. I agree Legend was great with the tone it set with music, humor, globetrotting, world building with portal tech and Amanda and Rutland being together, and going into the past with Anaya, and Natla being the corporation funding these mercenaries. It really felt whole. But the gameplay could use an update in a remake after the TR1 remake. I think it would be fair to do Cores first and CD's first as the two next remakes. TR1 was pretty funny too. "Pierre, you literbug" is just enough for that moment. Natla's got a funny bone too.
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