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This project is amazing, I do hope things eventually turn out well in your personal life. Rough patches are always a real pain to get through. I'm currently in a veery rough patch myself.
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Default Nevada Desert is partly done!

I just finished the India levels (great job btw) and for fun I just loaded the Nevada levels for comparision between low and high res and I was surprised to find that Nevada Desert is partly done!

It's obviously incomplete but very good so far.

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I just finished the Jungle level.
For the most part I think it looks really great!

A few textures I think could use some improvement:

1. The only texture that I really did not like is the new 'into the jungle vista' texture that's completely changed. Before it was some kind of small seethrough part of the jungle, now it's a brown texture with a few ferns on the bottom. It makes these areas look flat and imo it doesn't blend well with the level.

2. The new water texture looks so clean and tidy that it tiles a bit weird. Apart from the poor quality of the original texture I like the look of the original water texture better.

3. The tree bark texture with the grey mold spots on it doesn't tile well because of these mold spots. I would think about removing those.

4. The skin color of Lara of the in-game model has glitches: some textures have a more desaturated skin tone while others are more saturated.

5. I like the improvement of the quality of Lara's textures, but not so much the changes of the colors. I think the original hair, hairband and shorts colors look better.

6. In general I do also kind of miss the original colors of some of the textures (like the temple buildings). For me I think matching the hues/brightness of the new textures with the original ones would make this project look even better.

I in no way want to sound ungrateful. I think you did an amazing job! Improving these things however would make this even better


Today I had some spare time so I thought I'd change the textures of my above points 1 and 2. If you would want to implement the changed textures into the patch I can send you these textures


AOD HD Graphics Patch Chapter 0A, 0B and 1 available for download now!

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Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
omg ahahaha

I didn't even realise. I probably noticed before but what can you expect... the box is so low that the bottom cuts through the ground surface and they didn't bother to fix that even though it's right in front in the cutscene and pains the eyes... those waterfalls they didn't even look at them lol
I would like to share with everyone that I managed to fix the bottomless box, the missing horizon and the static waterfall (replaced it with another rock temple texture) in the jungle cutscene!
AOD HD Graphics Patch Chapter 0A, 0B and 1 available for download now!
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The new screen is beautiful!
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