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Default What would have been your alternative sequel to 2013?

I was thinking since many didn't like the plot of Rise, I was curious to see what your ideas would have been for 2013's sequel.

Here's mine

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Suffering from trauma Lara Croft seeks therapy. Therapy doesn't get her anywhere as a lot of what she experienced is hard to share. Lara wanders through the halls of Croft Manor feeling empty and alone. Her friends no longer talking with her, dealing with pains of their own. Images, memories, haunt Lara as she desperately scours through books and reports from her father's company Croft Industries. Lara doesn't know what she's looking for, but the research keeps some of her demons at bay by keeping her mind distracted. One day Lara discovers a book detailing the myth of a Greek goddess who lorded power over the minds of the ancient Greeks. Dreams, memories, nightmares, she controlled it all and at will she could take it all away with the snatch of a finger.

Lara wished that someone like her was real given how impossible it is for her to stomach what happened to her and her friends on that island. Lara then remembers that himiko was indeed real, her soul trapped in a decaying body. Lara decides to dig more into the myth of this Greek goddess and flies out to a museum in Athens to learn more about this goddess and her mysterious powers.

Lara cross referencing the books she found at home with the information from the museum comes to the conclusion that there is a strong possibility that the myth could hold some truth to it. Especially when she runs into a stranger seeking the same kind of information. Apparently there is an artifact that the goddess used, a chalice said to be filled with the memories of those who possess it. As long as the chalice remained filled the memories would remain, but should the one who possesses the chalice decide to drink from it and empty the bowl, the memories within the chalice would disappear forever

After suffering from multiple months of restlessness, flashbacks, and nightmares Lara is determined to find the chalice and drink from its bowl. She believes that this may be the only way for her to recover.

Lara heads for the last recorded area where the temple of the goddess was said to have existed. Battling her hallucinations from her past, and pressing onward Lara discovers the abandoned ruins of the temple. Navigating around, avoiding traps and solving puzzles, Lara discovers the chamber where the chalice was to be. However the chalice isn't there.

It is then the goddess makes her appearance in the forum of an old wise woman who tasks Lara to pass 3 district trials in order for her to obtain the chalice of memories. However Lara isn't the only one seeking the chalice and she is made aware that another is already on the quest to complete the 3 trials.

Lara is determined to put her past behind her once and for all and she won't let anyone stand in her way to get what she needs to survive. Lara passes through two towering golden doors and begins her journey to obtaining absolute peace.

Action/Adventure with horror elements sprinkled here and there.

Features complete solitude and a more expericed Lara Croft from her 2013 adventures

New: Weild the dual pistols bequeathed to her from her former mentor Roth and her best friend Sam, Lara relys on them to guide and protect her through her perilous journey.

Vast environments: During the trials Lara will journey through dangerous desert sand, swim through the frozen lakes and traverse around volcanic Lava in this gut wrenching thrilling adventure as the world witnesses the rise of a legend.

Ending spoiler:

When Lara completes the trials and overcomes her adversary Lara is given a choice, to drink from the bowl and lose herself completely or to return the chalice and keep herself intact. Lara flashes back and comes to the realization that losing her memories won't solve her problems. She would just be a zombie, a mindless husk who would have been defeated by the very demons she's been struggling with. Lara returns the Chalice and discovers that she isn't wrestling with her demons anymore. She thought maybe the goddess healed her for making the right choice. However the goddess did no such thing as the goddess wasn't even here. Who she talked to, the old wise woman was in fact a reflection of her own intelligence. A phantom conjured up by the chalice.

What healed Lara Croft was actually the journey itself. The thrill she would get when placed in situations where her life was on the line. It gave her a purpose and it was this purpose that helped keep the demons within her mind at bay. She once said she hates tomb raiding, but through this journey Lara discovers a love for seeking answers and a passion and thrill for danger.

Lara returns home and starts blogging about her journeys. Her blogs become viral and quickly Lara becomes a world wide sensation. The famous archeologist Lara Croft.
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My answer right now would be "a time jump to (at the very least) LAU Lara doing her Tomb Raider things with her Tomb Raider team" but back when I first played 2013 almost 10 years ago, this was my first TR game... and my idea for the sequel to 2013 back then was that Himiko's taking over of Saaaaaaaaam's body was just delayed... and go from there.

I'm not much of fanfic guy so I never went into specifics, but since I had a lot of gripes with TR2013 I think I would have come up with a campaign the took place in Yamatai at least for a chunk of the game with the sole purpose of fixing TR2013: proper platforming, no invisible walls, not hyper-restrictive linear levels etc...
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I discussed my concepts for a rebooted Rise/TR2 here, but basically my concept was that the 'estranged from her parents' idea would be covered directly rather than left in the background.

charmedangelin's concept sounds fine but I'm not sure it's raaadically different from the existing premise of Rise? I'm sure it leaves a lot of room for trippy psychedelic environments and variety in enemy types when you're essentially exploring the protagonist's mind, but... I'm not crazy about Lara having to spend an entire game 'processing trauma' when she really should have gotten over that and been reforged into something steelier by the end of the previous game.
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Well I haven't read the comics so maybe what I'm saying is dumb, but I would have kept Sam and Himiko like Killchan said. It always feel weird to me when the main story of a sequel just scrap almost everything from the previous game.

It could have been about some artifact some way linked to the event in Yamatai and Himiko being in Sam's body could have been some kind of plot twist mid-game

Don't get me wrong I loved Rise very much, that's my fav from the reboot, but as part of a trilogy the story choices were not enough linked to the first one.
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To me she didn't really deal with her trauma in 2013, she just survived because she had to.

For a final area/boss Lara I think it would be trippy and cool if they took the concept from AOD and decided to have her fight things in flashbacks from past and future events. For example Lara would suddenly be in her classic outfit and have to fight a t rex or a cutscene of her getting buried alive in the pyramid and failing to reach Von Croys hand which could then mirror what happened at the beginning of 2013 with Lara and her fall from the shop. There is so much they could play around with with that concept.
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Nowadays you look at films, videogames, and music by comparing what is already out there. (Because there is much entertainment).

Drinking? From a chalice? A bit like vampirism. Holy grail -ish story. Hmm. Aqua de vida, ponce de Leon. A bit of Phoenix' mind reading abilities.

And the three trails of tribulations. (Father, son and the holy ghost). (Trinity).

Yes good story.

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