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This is terribly sad news. What an incredible member of not just the forums, but the community at large.

Rest In Peace The Great Chi, you were an incredibly knowledgeable and creative member of the community. Thank you for all you’ve done here.
Like a moth to a flame burned by the fire...
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Chocola teapot
Tomb Raider
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Rest in Peace Chi! Your mysterious and creative powers will always be beloved!
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What... Rest in Peace.

Gonna miss those funny pics.
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Rest in peace.
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This is so sad
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I watched his fairwell video, it was kinda emotional to me but I wasn't aware he passed away.
I will always remember his weird and very funny videos and he was a very kind person here. You'll be missed Great Chi...
Lost Artifact, Beneath the Ashes, Lara's Shadow and Ana Pure Hair for everyone

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Aw, damn.

Rest in peace, Chi. You were, and will always be, a community icon.
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Oooh,bad he's gone, chi was a great man, I hope he's in a better place.
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Wait, he's actually dead? Oh my god, I will miss him, he was probably the most iconic member... He will be missed... I hope he's in a better place now.

Rest in peace, TheGreatChi.
The show will begin momentarily, everyone please stay in your seats.

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I really liked his videos.

Rest in Peace.
"What does it mean to be a Tomb Raider?,It means to collect artifacts for sport"

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