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Cat Woman
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I could never get into the “Chucky “ movies.

Add: also “Annabelle” Movies.
Pharaoh´s Tomb

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Its kinda funny that the first movie mentioned in this thread was Ultra Violet because one of my favourite guilty pleasure movie, which also happens to be directed by Kurt Wimmer is Equilibrium:

In fact, Kurt Wimmer took most of his inspiration for stunts and gunfights in Ultra Violet from Equilibrium. While both movies are equally trash, I just find Equilibrium just a tad bit more enjoyable since the unusual "Gun Fu" style of Gun Fighting was made into a fiction Gun-centric martial art in Equilibrium:

And the gun fights were just plain cool :

I am sorry for not offending you. Please be patient. I'll get to you shortly.
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White Chicks
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Hell Comes to Frogtown

And in keeping with the Post-Nuclear theme, Six String Samurai:

And it's a pretty obscure title, but I like Bloodsucking Pharoahs in Pittsburgh:

And Riki-Oh is absolutely insane:

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Originally Posted by Catapharact View Post
... one of my favourite guilty pleasure movie, which also happens to be directed by Kurt Wimmer is Equilibrium:
Definitely have to agree with you there. My other guilty pleasure is The Matrix.
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Batman And Robin.

Batman And Robin did a good job at being a funny.

-"I want a car, Chicks Dig The Car."
-"This is why Superman works alone!"

This whole scene is also a complete masterpiece:

I really enjoy watching that movie much more than Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and Batman Vs Superman. Because Batman and Robin is at least fun to watch while those movies are just painful to watch.
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