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Mutant Messiah
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Just an update....

I'm now at level 9 (Those Who Prove Worthy).

I swear, the traversal mechanics of this game is so reminisce of Tomb Raider Underworld. To some extent, this particular area of the game feels like a Tomb Raider Underworld done right.

Which is something amusing since I don't expect this from a modern game. Even Crystal Dynamics is trying to avoid the mess they made from Underworld. The traversal of Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks different by comparison.

Seriously, I am bored with this level, though my friends urge me to keep on playing since there'll be huge set pieces on the way. Anyway, I'll focus on this game. This game is so aggressive on auto save that you can realistically finish this game if you stay long enough. I would even say Uncharted 4 is newbie friendly even.

The more I play the combat, the more I realized how polished this particular aspect is. Not Max Payne 3 or Metal Gear 5 level polished but it's up there.

It's just that this game cheats. LOL. If your stealth gets broken, 2 or 3 enemies will show up out of nowhere and flank you. For a game relying on a control pad to aim, I do find this obnoxious. This is a very bad drawback to otherwise a good shooting mechanic.

I think I may get Lost Legacy after. The Nathan Drake collection is also tempting, but I'm not sure yet if I can handle the expected clunky-ness.

So far, I would easily say this game is a 8-9 for me. GTA 5 being the only game in my library that deserves a 10. Witcher 3 is 9. While Rise of the Tomb Raider, maybe at least an 8.5. Though these are all my personal opinions.

Had Uncharted 4 been good on pacing, I'd say it's even a better game than Rise, though for a game that brags on cinematics, this is one area that it can't get right. This particular middle part just dragged, and I think the latter part will also have something like this if I read the reviews right.
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Nigel Cassidy
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The stealth in this game is actually challenging: having to move stealthily through the environment, bringing yourself physically behind the enemies to take them down, and if you mess it up you have to deal with the new situation.

There's no accounting for taste but I'll take that any day over sitting behind a rock and shooting enemies who always got their backs turned towards you anyway with a silent bow with no shortage of ammo. That sort of gameplay practically amounts to pointing at things you don't like and they go away...
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