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Hopefully you enjoyed it. It was my favorite of the reboots and I got nearly every achievement for it on Steam.
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She definitely gets more pretty badass in this one.

Hope you have a ball.
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Only one way to tell if it's a good game or not - play it and see what you think, only your own opinion matters on this. I thought it was great.
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I think it's a really good game, and the change of location feels really good if you play it straight after Rise.
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I too like Shadow, it's not as good as Rise imo but it's still great. And the DLC tombs are some of the best TR content since 1999. Just no nonsense, good old fashioned tomb raiding.
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You shouldn't let others influence your experience of a game.
I was also a bit hesitant before playing Shadow as I didn't particularly enjoy Rise. I ended up loving it. Sure it's pretty forgettable and it has its fair share of flaws (Paititi ugh), but it has the best sceneries and atmosphere of the entire franchise hands down.
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I have just completed my very first playthrough of Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on PS4 and I absolutely enjoyed it, this game is definitely the best of the trilogy, I completed all the main game challenge tombs and the DLC challenge tombs.

I decided to get the game after playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on XBOX 360 in April 2023 and I have now completed the trilogy.

Temple of the Sun & Thirsty Gods were the two challenge tombs that I found quite difficult Ancient Aqueduct is so easy but the challenge tombs in Shadow are fantastic

The Forge of Destiny and Mother Protector were by far the hardest of the DLC challenge tombs, Howl of the Monkey Gods and The Sixth Seal were easy.

Zipacna's Craving wasn't as hard I as thought it was going to be
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