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Originally Posted by Swiz19 View Post
The thing is charmed, Core and that version of Lara is gone. As much as I love her, a straight up classic Lara is not the most palatable for a modern audience. As with everything, if you don't change with the times you are left behind.

However, I 100% agree they need to bring back those iconic elements, whether it's visual or personality-wise. The overall Tomb Raider theme just needs to be way more light-hearted in general.
Saying the classic version of Lara is gone seems far too absolute as a statement. I think the future where Lara will find most success is probably a hybrid of classic and reboot. There is being current with trends but any game developer can't just copy and mimic trends otherwise they don't stand out. Like you said the visual and personality identity elements as well as a light hearted tone are definitely the way to go.

Originally Posted by killchan View Post
you don't expect the next team to completely discard everything the reboot team did to Lara character-wise, do you?
Quite a lot of the fragility and emotional layering that reboot Lara's personality uses seem attached to the way Camilla portrays her. I think when Camilla goes a lot of reboot Lara will be disregarded. Also as time goes on the devs lose the ability to say this is a fresh, na´ve or developing character so again a lot of reboot Lara is based around that which again will disappear. In Shadow I found the politeness Lara showed in general interactions to be far too much and she lacked any kind of edginess. In contrast the comic in the OP is perfect in showing Lara's attitude but to get somewhere like that a lot of what reboot is would have to go. It would totally be worth it though and is up to us to convince the devs on that.
'Classic Lara is always in fashion' - Meagan Marie

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